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  • Does anyone know how to do this? I know how to add a subdomain to my main domain. (example:

    But I want to add a subdomain to my other domains (example:

    I know how I can get to work, but not how to get this to work:

    Tried to figure this out for days now I still haven’t found a solution. I found: But i’m still unsure how to accomplish this.

    I hope I explained this as clear as possible, i’m happy too enlighten my problem further. If anybody could map out a step by step solution I would be very happy.

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  • You do it the exact same way.

    Except in the DNS records for the subdomain you want to add, use a CNAME to the wordpress install instead of an A record.

    really, that’s it.

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    So I’ve added a C name record for the domain I want too have a subdomain of. It now looks like:, C NAME, I’ve mapped the main domain to my sub domain. Yet it still doesn’t work, my page is still blank when I load it and it doesn’t forward to my subdomain. What should I do?

    Before you map it, is the page blank?

    Basically what I did is.

    Added a wildcard for my maindomain, and my otherdomain.
    Otherdomain is parked in parked domains.
    Added cname record:
    (don’t even know why I filled in 3600, because it was on the other thread)
    Pointed the domain under tools -> domain mapping to my preferred subdomain.

    This setup doesn’t work, it won’t even redirect to my subdomain + it’s a blank page.

    What did I do wrong or forget?

    Yes even when the domain is not mapped, the page remains blank.

    Edit: when I uploaded a theme I solved that problem, however if I try too map the domain to my preferred subdomain it won’t work and it will remain on

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    Sjors01 – Who is your webhost? It’s VERY possible they have some directions for how to do this.

    My webhost is hostgator. They don’t fully support wordpress multi-site. They only explain the setup. I also can’t acces my apache files, but they say I don’t have too.

    Andrea explains something with apache files in her turtorial on her website.

    Could you please look at my setup posted before? Did I add the right C name? Is it just me or are there hardly any people that have this kind of setup?

    Is there no other ms documentation? Other then this site and forum? Some sort of user manual?

    Any other way how I can get this working?

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    Anyway is it that hard too explain this?

    Yes, it is very hard to explain.

    How you do site mapping depends on your host and how they are setup. There is no absolutely correct way to explain it, you simply have to figure it out on your hosting system.

    There’s basically three steps to it.

    1. Point the domain at the server with DNS. This may involve changing A or CNAME records, depending on what exactly you want to do.

    2. Make the web server understand that it’s serving that domain. This may involve some trickery with the hosting providers configuration panel, or manually setting virtual hosts in the apache config file, etc. How you do this is not something that can be easily explained.

    3. Set up WordPress to direct that domain to the site. This is rather simple, actually, and you can do it with the domain mapping plugin.

    But all three of those steps need to be done, and only the last one involves WordPress at all. This makes it difficult to explain.

    If the page is blank *before* you even domain map it, then there is an error on the original blog. which has nothing to do with the domain mapping.

    I think you’re doing it right, you just have another error to clean up. Can you get into the backend of the blog (well yes, since you mapped it…)

    Switch to the default theme, turn of the plugins and then look and see if it’s not blank any more.

    @otto Thanks for explaining these steps for me. Was very useful for the hostgator support. However they can’t seem too figure it out either.

    Step 1: They say I don’t need to change the A or C name records.
    Step 2: They won’t do this since it only would break stuff.
    Step 3: Can’t map it to the preferred subdomain, won’t even redirect will stay on subdomain of main domain.

    All my domains already point to addon domains(subdomains on my main domain) on the same server as my primary. Maybe this helps too narrow down my problem?

    @andrea The page isn’t blank, when it runs like a add-on domain or when I’ve mapped it to my actual domain. But when I would map it to a sub domain of the domain I want a subdomain under. It will show blank.

    Since this all seems to be too difficult, I will install another ms just for 1 domain that needs subdomains.

    If anyone anyone still wants too comment, I would be happy if you would do so. Since this problem is still unsolved.

    Thanks for the help everybody, much appreciated!

    Omg, I’m such a wordpress noob. Now that I want too create another WPMS install with fantastico, it won’t let me in the root. Anyone knows to to fix this?

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