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  • So I know this question has been asked a million times, but nothing really explaining what to do if your site’s home page does not show up in the options when adding a static home page.

    Here is my site:

    So basically, when I go to Settings –> Reading, click on the Static Page bubble, my home page does not come up as an option to set as the front page… This probably has something to do with the theme, but this shouldn’t be an issue…

    I want my posts page to be my “Blog” page.

    As you’ll see, I’ve done a bit of a workaround here, as I went to menu, removed my blog page as part of the menu, and instead, added a custom link to my “Blog” category page (which has all my blogs on it), with the label “Blog.” This basically acts as my blog page now, but it’s really not the right way to go about doing this… The URL also obviously displays as /category/blog instead of just /blog like I want it to…

    Is there any way to get “Home” to show up as an option to set as a static main page?

    I’ve heard of crating a second home page, but will this completely remove what I already have on my home page? I want to keep the home page what it is and just add a blog page… I feel like WP should make this much more simple if a homepage is already created and completed.


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