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    Hi everyone,

    I’m developing a website that will have Youtube videos on the page. I add a video through the code generated in the Embed tab.

    Problem: whenever I add a video this way, often the image Youtube chooses before the user plays the video is quite ugly.

    I discovered a few websites where the video has a high-quality image over it, chosen by the owner of the website. This image basically covers all Youtube content (picture 1). This way, the Youtube content is shown only when the user pushes play (picture 2).

    picture 1:
    picture 2:

    Would you be able to indicate me a plugin or a command so I can do the same?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Anyone? 🙁

    There are a couple of ways I’ve done it. The first method involves adding some jQuery and some CSS. I wrote a tutorial here, and there’s an example of the technique on this site (scroll down to the bottom right and click on the image above Videos).

    A second way is to use a lightbox plugin like Easy Fancybox. You can configure it to open up the video in a light box when the user clicks on an image. You can see an example of that here.

    Thanks a lot, CrouchingBruin!

    CrouchingBruin, I’m using this plugin you recommended.

    It works perfectly, but it opens the video in this light box you said. Is there a way to play the video on the same window?

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