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    Go to Write/Write Page and see if “Archives” is one of the available page templates. If it is, you can make something like this just by selecting the template:

    If it isn’t, please write back.

    I almost wrote a similar answer, but I got stuck on “categories and their description” part… Is there any way to include the description? I cannot recall anything.

    Forgive my newb-ness, but I can not find any drop down box or anything to select a “page tmeplate”. I’m using Wp 1.5 if that makes any difference. I’m looking through the codex too to see what I can figure out.

    Slight progress: I added the “archives.php” template from the default folder into my custom folder and now I have the template selection box. I’ll see what I can do from here. Thanks!
    And the Codex… Pages, Templates etc.

    Now I’ve made the page but can’t seem to get to it. I always get page not found when I click on the page in my list of pages.

    sfor the spamming here. I think it had to do with me using the “pretty” permalinks, and somewhere along the way my .htaccess became read only.

    1. Is your htacces file writeable?
    2. Name the Page something else than “archives”!

    Ok so I’ve got it working, but I wanted toknow if there is a better way to do this. What I have now is a link on my sidebar called “Archives”. This is manually linked to the WP “page” I created that was “based on” the “archives.php” template from the default 1.5 theme. When you click the link it takes you to a page that displays the category and monthly archives, which is precisely what I want.

    Is there a more efficient way to do it? A way not have to use a “page” to do it?

    Nope. That is pretty much it unless you get involved in a lot of loop hacking.

    I’m using Pages for separate category and archive sections on my site. After looking at other tools and methods for doing this (that is, before 1.5), it’s quite efficient as is.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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