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  • Hi
    I am trying to add a “Sticky Note” to my theme (have a look at the two links below) where I can write upcoming events or notes on it?
    This photo is the actual site:
    This photo shows what I want it to look like:(has added the yellow note by photoshop- not on the site at the moment)

    Can anyone provide me with the code like <div ..> and tell me which files i have to add them to (and also the positioning)–


    Also How can I write on the yellow part?? Is there any plugin that I can freely add or delete text from there (yellow note)?

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  • That’s an awful lot of design work that you’re asking for…

    It should not really be hard to code the first part , as you can see the yellow note is jus a pic (clikc here to see) and I was thinking if in the sidebar.php, we can define a second column and position it on the left hand side of the site and put the picture on the second column (as you see on the sidebar(on the right) on the top there’s picture above search box)… Also wordpress has a text widget where you can write your stuff on it… So if I can create create a second column somewhow? and put the picture in there it would like like what you see in the photoshoped site… and this way I might be to add the text widget on it.. ive seen two column themes like this one RockinBizRed3Col 1.3 (columns on right and left sides of the site), have a look at their sidebar.php and css files might be able to figure out what they’ve done to have a second column

    With the greatest respect, if it’s not that hard, why haven’t you tried doing it yourself? Pulling off that kind of graphical design addition is not simple or straightforward. Especially if it needs to work reasonably well cross-browser.

    hehe with all due respect, I already said I was going to have a look at other themes to figure out what they have done..

    And I have made some progress (not to mention that I am very new to this stuff [css and etc]) click here to see
    after reading some blogs I could create a second sidebar, put a text widget in there… Changed the background pic to note.png (the yellow thingy) I know it is not perfect I still need to take the search thing out and create a new note.png picture to fit in that area properly…

    well to create the second sidebar I did not need to do much coding (just a simple change functions.php and create sidebar2.php using the original sidebar.php codes and also the codes in css related to that one
    HERE’s abit of what I changed in css
    float : left;
    width : 230px;
    background : #ffffff url(images/note.png) no-repeat top right;
    overflow : hidden;

    As you can see the text widget is white in the photo.. had a read about “about me” plugin apparently it is possible to add a picture or background in there( a yellow background same color as the note.png will do I guess)
    considering that I don’t know much about css and php, I’ve done some star, need to learn more about css tags so that I can implement it properly (wider content area for page and proper positioning for the sidebar)

    esmi I would really really appreciate if you do not post anything else in here to discourage me

    I’m not trying to discourage you. Frankly, I’m trying to do the opposite. This is the kind of situation where you are really best placed to do the work yourself. There’s nothing anyone can offer in the way of markup or CSS if they haven’t seen the theme. Even then, it’s extremely difficult to provide what amounts to theoretical design advice. I’ve produced themes that include almost exactly what you want but what works in my themes is highly unlikely to work in yours, so it’s pointless me posting my markup/CSS here.

    When you’ve got something that people can see and offer suggestions on, fair enough. But to ask people to come up with markup, CSS positioning and the names of template files to amend out of thin air is, frankly, asking way too much.

    All in my opinion, of course

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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