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  • Plugin Author Pierre Lebedel


    Hi !
    The votes are stored in the postmeta table, with meta keys kodex_post_likes and kodex_post_likes.
    The value is an associative array, with the key :

    1. Logged user : MD5 of current user id
      • Non-logged user : MD5 of user’s IP address

    In a normal usage, an user can’t vote twice, because his action replace his previous action in the array that is stored.

    Thanks to use the plugin !

    Thanks for that.

    So essentially if a user liked a post when they logged in and then changed device or IP their vote would still be logged in the DB. Also I know there is a time period you set for the votes to be visible on the dashboard but will the likes on a post get cleared out when this date is reached or will they just no longer show up in the backend?


    Plugin Author Pierre Lebedel


    In the dashboard, only the last votes are shown, but all votes are retained in the database.
    I know how to identify the user who vote is not optimal, but it’s the only solution I found for the plugin kept simple …

    Ok thanks – as long as likes will not be removed or anything from the database after the time limit then that’s great!

    Fantastic plugin by the way.

    how can disable guest voting? I want to prevent logged out users to vote because otherwise people can vote twice simply by logging out.

    Plugin Author Pierre Lebedel


    Actually, ou have to write some php code to do this.
    I think I will develop this functionnality soon if I have some time.

    If ou want that now, you have to modify the single.php template of your theme, by doing something like this :

    <?php if( is_user_logged_in() ){
       do_shortcode( '[kodex_post_like_buttons]' );
    } ?>

    and disable the default display in the options.

    Thanks. Also another question – is it possible to query posts that have received a Like in a certain time period? For example I’d like to display most liked posts last month.

    I guess there must also be a timestamp logged for each Like/Dislike to achieve this?
    Is there a timestamp in post meta for each Like?

    Plugin Author Pierre Lebedel


    It is possible to display liked articles in a period (this is done on the dashboard of the administration), but unfortunately it is not easy …
    In reality, you have to get all the votes, and extract those whose period corresponds to that sought.
    You can find an example of the procedure in the file admin/class-kodex-posts-likes-admin.php between the lines 210 and 237.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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