How are posts published/activated/displayed? (4 posts)

  1. Dr.M
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have used the ALL POSTS display with the QUICK-EDIT button to change the status of individual posts to PUBLISHED; then I push UPDATE. That display shows that that the posts then are released/published, and all the categories are correct.

    Now the problems start: (1) none of these published posts display when pages on the PAGES:ALL are asked to show (VIEW) their contents; all that is seen is the site titles and the title of the category/page (NOTE that I make these identical); (2) for some pages, when I display EDIT, the posts that did not display now are seen to be there fully.

    I do not understand what I am doing wrong or not doing. Shouldn't the posts be inserted into tthe designated categories (= pages, in my case)automatically, OR, does one have to do that by establishing linkages for every post? How can a post inside a page be not displayed in VIEW?

    Please advise me what is causing these problems. Thanx!!

  2. Dr.M
    Posted 2 years ago #

    ADDENDUM to the above query:
    After more fiddling today, I now have a situation where the Home page is great, but the several other Pages have no posts displayed when I click on either View or Edit under All-Pages; however, if I click on any of 3 different choices shown on the menu for the exact same pages shown as empty under View, the display now shows a full version with everything present that should be. What can cause this condition? Why can't I get the full display by clicking View under each page listed on All-Pages?

  3. Tom Leger
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Your description above seems to conflate "pages" and "posts" in WordPress. Could you provide screenshots, a link to your site, or clarify the report?

  4. Dr.M
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thank you, Tom Leger! You are probably correct about conflation, but this seems to be a frequent occurrence with Word Press. I assure you I have already read much too much in the CODEX and the forums.

    My conbined website/blog presently has 5 posts (4 + one for the static home page), each assigned to one or more of 5 categories. I am trying to get pages = categories = menu items. You can take a peek at my site:
    http://dr-monsrs.net .

    The menu now functions well, but I still do not get any displays when I ask the listings under all-pages to display their contents via View or Edit.

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