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    In product editor page there is an option to Add-Separately,
    I need to add-separately so that my fixed-product-discount (discount given multiplied by quantity of that product) coupons can be applied.
    When they’re not added separately my fixed-product-discount coupon won’t accept the bundled product to be the product that satisfies the criteria (because it is a bundled product created automatically by your plugin.)

    But when I turn on the add-separately function, the sync-quantity option of your plugin in the product editor page doesn’t work anymore.
    Meaning, people can increase as many bought-together products as they please.

    I want the bought-together product quantity to be in sync to the main product bought, and the bought-together product to be an add-separately product.

    Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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