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  • Hi! Is it possible to query a pages’s sections content? I need to show some sections of a page on another page. How can I accomplish this?

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  • Hi @stratboy,
    At the moment this feature isn’t available, but intend to include this in the future.

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    So I probably should:

    1. program custom metaboxes for content I want query
    2. Build some custom shortcodes that get values from the metaboxes
    3. Use the shortcodes via widget inside elementor

    Is it correct? Any other smarter way maybe?

    Thank you

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    Mmm that’s an interesting addon but it’s not what I’m searching for.

    Basically my setup is the current:

    – custom post type, with custom metaboxes.

    – I need to use metabox values in the middle of the elementor layout (between some 2 sections)

    – I also need to use those metaboxes values elsewhere (for example, query the last 3 posts of that post type and build an home slideshow from the metabox values of each post).

    For now, the solution I depicted above works just fine: build simple shortcodes that query the metabox values and use them via the elementor’s shortcode widget. And so, for the home sliedhow, I’ll just do plain old post_meta queries. So I solved my problem.

    Though, it would be REALLY powerfull if I could treat elementor’s sections (or widgets) just like metaboxes. Thus virtually eliminating the need of custom metaboxes. It would be simply fantabulous! 🙂

    I mean, for example, fake code from the home:

    foreach my_custom_posts as post
       echo get_elementor_section(post->ID, elementor_section->ID)

    It would be even better if I could give a ‘slug’ name to sections, so I could avoid relying on the section’s ID and thus use the same slug (for example) for each post translations (say I’m using polylang…)

    That’s what i mean. I’m pretty sure Elementor is already using some kind of pointer that identifies sections and link them with their corresponding post. So probably it’s just a matter of making it public and add some more utility/api functions.

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