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    I appreciate awesome compression results, but feel lack of setting max width and max height (usually we need wider images).
    It would be great to see these options in future update. How do you think?

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  • Ralf


    the plugin scales the original image to 2560 px and all other images are derived from it

    You can overwrite the base size in the file better-images.php in the plugin directory, but this is not update safe.

    If you use larger images, please write a feature request for an option “Leave image in original size”.

    Would that solve your problem?


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    Thanks for your response. It would be an half-solution.
    However I’m interested in dealing with down-scaling of images on both dimensions separately, not by the bigger side only.

    Maybe my whining will be an inspiration for you, for future enhancements 😉


    Plugin Contributor hemenderki


    Hello @ayek!

    That’s a good idea that we went for initially. But we took it away cause it caused some issues that where to complicated to fix at the time.

    We want to make this plugin as simple as possible for ordinary people. Since this plugin utilizes WordPress built in responsive image handling some people might change the max size without realizing what side effect it brings.

    For instance the second largest size that WP produce is 2048px. A lot of people don’t know that so they might change the max size to let say 2100px which is not very effective. You will then have one image that is 2048 and one 2100.

    One idea that might go along your suggestion is to add a checkbox that would produce an extra large size of 3072px. That’s double the size of 1536px which is one of the sizes that WP produces.

    What would you think of something like that?

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    Hello @hemenderki

    There may be some logic on back-end that could indicate or warn about the default WP “breakpoint”, and suggest it to user – to avoid inefficient image size. Or just list these defaults for user consideration.

    As website admin I’m still interested in much smaller sizes eg. 1280 width by 1024 height as MAX.
    My users can’t optimize, yet upload many many images that should be scaled immediately, without any backups.

    Now I use Imsanity.

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    I agree, plugin would be more useful if there was a setting/hook to customize max size. “Custom Max Size:”(leave blank for default of 2560px). Easily overlooked by anyone not interested, but really great for those of us who want to optimize our sites a little more.

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    Hey @veggie_89,

    Thanx for the feedback. We will look into that.

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