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  • I really like how MT displays both latest-updated and featured MT blogs on their site’s front page. This is a great way to incent donations AND a fine way to show off the diversity of MT blogs.
    Would WordPress be able to pull off something similar? I think it’d be great!

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  • 2 more benefits this would have:

    1. It would give potential new users an easy way to look at a number of ‘powered by WordPress’ sites.
    2. It would help show how many people are already using WordPress.

    I think it’s a pretty neat idea. had something similar for b2 as well.

    yeah, when I was first considering switching tp WP (from MT), I actually looked for something like that on this site. I finally found the WIKI page where you can add your own site, but there’s gotta be a better way… 😉

    Something along the lines of Seablog or Wellblogs, with latest posts might be a good project also. But what I sought this topic out for was to mention a wiki link, like ‘Dev Wiki’ next to ‘Dev Blog’ in the navigation. The wiki is far more useful with more being aware of, and using it.
    Coincidence that “I finally found the WIKI page” was in the last post when I arrived.
    Argh Note: what is it about this forum that causes an impatient couple of clicks to correct a typo to delete several lines of type instead? I think this has happened before in these screens in my few entry attempts. I hope the WP comments form doesn’t have the same trait.
    Anyway, to try and repeat … one of the things that was unencouraging about the Nucleus blog user sites list was that it showed other and migrated platforms, and off topic sites. Showing a list requires a commitment to keep it updated since if neglected, it can suggest people leaving the platform and a lack of ‘dev interest’ by the site operators. A text link in the home page copy to the User sites in the wiki might be a way to simply promote both the sites and the wiki in a few words, and the lists more up to date because of the wiki tending.

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    To be honest I don’t see the wpusers as being a permanent thing on the wiki. It’s too easy to spam and no one has time to verify all the links it will accumulate. Future versions of WordPress will have something that pings or and makes a recently updated list. I can’t promise when, but this is in the works.

    As far as checking the links, what about having the user put a code in the meta data. does this to verify the site is a certian users and I believe checks it every once in awhile. course I could be wrong about that checking thing.

    even if wpusers isn’t a permanent thing on the wiki, it would still be nice to see a wiki link at the head of every page. it’s obviously a much more important part of the site than some of the links already there 🙂

    I disagree about the value of the user sites on the wiki. Many of the wiki platforms -such as php, kwiki, tavi, wakka -all have them and they tend to stay fairly up to date by the wiki tenders. The wiki might also grow to a listing of country/language list on the current WPusers page linking to WPusersUS, WPusersDE, WPusersCA, etc. I see CH has made a Swiss table.
    If you take it down, somebody will mostly likely make it again because they are so ubiquitous.

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