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  • Greetins,

    I’m a developer from Philippines, and it would be nice for me to meet some one of the same kind 🙂
    I’m a self motivated, quick learner, freelancer and also contractor, open for the freshest ideas in the web-field.

    If you are a wordpress user, and you make it for your living, it would be even more great to meet up and share our thoughts and experience, or just take down some shots, if the schedule allows 🙂

    I suppose there are plenty developers out here, so why not take it further, out of the wordpress dot org slash support, even for one day? 😛

    Cheers ^.^

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  • Hi Laminine,

    In case you have not heard — the new generation of WP users & developers (well, circa 2013) are planning to hold “party meetup night” at least once a month. Tentative date of the first one is on March 16, 2013 (Saturday) with MS Philippines as the venue sponsor. We have yet to reach out to other interested parties & potential sponsors (hello Google) but it will be a GO regardless of their participation since this is a community-organized event.

    For internal communication, see

    We will try to reach out to the senior & long-time WordPress community members / mentors / organizers. Hopefully it will be fun!

    Hi Laminine and Marc,

    I am as well a passionate WordPress developer from the Philippines and I am interested in doing a meetup with other developers from the country to share knowledge, interests, and other stuff related to WordPress.
    Regarding the group you posted, where do meetups usually held at?
    It would also be nice if someone from that group could organize a WordCamp this year that will have 2 types of lecture series (1 for developer and 1 for blogger/marketer).
    I have been waiting for WordCamp this year but I guess it’s never gonna happen.

    Hello friends in WP,

    I am just new to blogging, I just want to explore things in blogging and esp advertising. So I would like to know other people on the net especially from the Philippines as my home country. It happened to create my own website during my freetime. I am working as a teacher in the Middle East.
    i would be glad if anybody would like to share with me his/experiences in wordpress.

    That is great to hear! I would like to announce that there will be a WordCamp here in the Philippines this 2013:
    There is no official date yet but I will surely go to the event and hope you guys could come as well.

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