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    I run a website for a fine artist and first of all this plugin is great! I use it to display thumbnails of his artwork in retina quality and I love the results.

    With one of my custom sized portfolio thumbnails I used another plugin to re-crop the image. Unfortunately the retina version isn’t cropped the same way. I think I have no chance to access the x2 image with the other plugin to get the right image section on display.

    So I guess the only chance is to manually upload a cropped version and name it with “@2x”. Or am I missing something?

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Yes, unfortunately I know very well about that issue because of course, you are not the only one…

    It is indeed not cropped the same way. The real problem is that the plugin cannot “know” how the image has been cropped. I am pretty sure WordPress will come with a solution for the plugins to be able to hook themselves to the cropping actions, but for now, it is impossible.

    Let’s keep this issue opened. Meanwhile, it would be possible to work with the developer of the cropping plugin, would you mind contacting him? If he would agree to add a few extra lines, for sure we could find a way to make it work.

    thanks Jordy for the fast reply! Sure we can contact the developer, I used “Crop thumbnails” by Volkmar Kantor.

    He’s from Germany like me, so I’ll drop him a line about the issue. But I think it would be ok, if the solution I mentioned above (uploading a cropped high-res Version, renamed “title@2x.jpg”) is going to work for these few cases. I don’t think that I have to do that very often. So I’ll try the workaround for now.

    This retina thing is still quite new and I actually didn’t think about it at all until I bought a Macbook Retina a week ago. Since then this resolution thing is drivin’ me crazy and your plugin is totally making things easier 🙂

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Yes, in most case and for most people, it doesn’t happen often. But I am sure we can find a solution if we really want to, I am pretty sure he can help as well (we can talk about it on this thread).

    I bought my MacBook Pro Retina (almost) one year ago, that’s why this plugin is here! It was making me crazy that nobody did anything (except a few scripts, and there were a few terrible plugins too…) as I really needed my blog to be Retina ^^

    Jordy, alanikate, did you eventually find a solution to this? I was thinking about a way to “clone” the cropping, I mean, hooking into Crop-Thumbnails to crop the @2x image mimicking the original. But, even if such a hook existed, I don’t know if it’s possible to get the selected cropping coordinates in order to use them later.

    Any updates you may have would be very helpful.

    (and, by the way, congratulations for a great plugin!)

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