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  • I was cleaning up my website, deleting themes, and I clicked on a theme so that I could get to the “Delete” button, but my cursor landed on the “Activate” button. There’s no “Are you sure?” or “never mind” warning. So now I’m paying Hostgator to restore a previous version, rather than rebuild my home page and headers, footers, etc. (And yes, I have an Updraft backup, but frankly, their price to restore is cheaper than the billable time I would lose to figure out how to do it myself.)

    So WHY is there no “Are you sure?” warning coming up with something as major as a theme change? There are posts complaining about this going back at least 10 years.

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  • Why is it something you have to use a backup to restore?
    Simply click on Activate for the theme you had before.

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    I tried that, Joy. But I’m using a child theme, and that may have been the issue. When I clicked on “Activate” to try to go back to my theme, it didn’t restore the elements and customization I had spent hours and hours building into our web page (and frankly, I wasn’t sure I remembered all of them). So I had to pay to have it restored. I do manual backups, as well, but just didn’t have the time to figure out how to restore it from there, and I had already spent hours on trying to get a gallery plugin to work, with no luck. So I was tired of flailing.
    A “are you sure?” warning would be such a simple thing, you’d think 🙁

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