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  • I am using WordPress for a membership site for video tutorials where I have a large number of video tutorial links (.flv files) that a member can click on to view the video tutorials. The folder at my server where these .flv files are located is visible to anyone who clicks “view” and “source” for that page or post in their browser. They then have the ability to copy those video tutorial links and my .flv files which are visible in the source for that page or post. Then, with basic html knowledge, they can create a page that will allow them to actually download my video files. They can then use them on their own website or blog for free. I want to protect these files from anyone wanting to download them for free through the “view” and “source” in their browser.

    I have a program to encrypt static pages so that to choose “view” and “source” in a browser will return a page with encrypted source files so that my file locations are protected. I also use JV Manager to protect my “download” folder location and files. My question is, can this type of protection be done with WordPress – specifically to encrypt the “source” page of the posts in WordPress?

    Any help with this is much appreciated!


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  • There’s no real way to protect this. You could ‘encrypt’ your pages with Javascript if you wrote a plugin, but it doesn’t matter. Anyone with the free program Wireshark can see exactly what they’re requesting from the server with very little effort.

    Honestly you’re better off sticking a small watermark in the corner of your videos so if they download them and repost them on their site you’ll at least get some extra visitors.

    I truly don’t want to be rude but to the person who replied to this post, it would do to complete a little research before jumping on and pretending to be an authority on the subject and stating that it can not be done.

    There are many ways to protect a folder full of videos. One that I would suggest especially if you want your viewers to access the files is to use aMember php script and along with that your could try some file code embedding into php pages for extra added security to those you want to allow to access the videos. In aMember try new mod rewite method or try one of the other methods to add extra protection to a php page that calls the video and protect that page as well… only subscribers will have access and limited as much as you desire.

    To say it can’t be done when many of us are doing it everyday is presumptuous at best.

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