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    I have Block lab Version 1.4.1 installed. It appears was able to resolve my issue and sharing here in case it helps others. I also have ACF Pro installed and have programmed a bunch of blocks via both plugins (hey, needed certain fields!)

    For the most part they have played well together including mixing both types of block plugins’ generated blocks on the same pages.

    However I ran into a pesky condition where, when in the edit interface for a post, inside the block popup, when i would hover the mouse over any given block, a new dom element of an already present block category would be duplicated. This made the popup uncontrollable. (that is: hovering on .editor-block-types-list__item which has a onmouseenter event, would trigger the appearance of a duplicative .components-panel__body at the end of the list)

    By toggling off block lab the issue went away. So I looked at my existing block lab settings, and suspicious of what was up with the block categories.

    Only one block i had on the list shared a category with the ones from the ACF block collection. When I examined ‘Edit’ and then ‘category’ dropdown on the right hand side, I noticed, aha, that there were TWO of the same category listed on the dropdown. So some key that I don’t understand probably is duplicated around here.

    I simply set the block into a unique category of its own, no problem there really, and this problem of the hover issue went away.

    So be sure to check and see, if there are duplicate entries on that category menu in the Block Lab config, in case you encounter this hover issue causing more block categories to duplicate in the popup.

    That’s all i have to add right now, you can mark this as resolved. Everything else has been pretty much as expected. Thanks!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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