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  • Hi ! Sorry for my bad english. I’ll try to write as good as possible.
    First – this is my site : MY SITE
    So, what I want to ask you : How can I put a tooltip or a “hover action” on every post thumbnail that will show the post name.

    Here are 2 examples of how I wish to look :

    I want that Info to appear after I hover those thumbnails with the mouse.
    I will give you all files that you need. The theme is called Arras (it’s free) and the design it’s modified by me. The theme (the version that I have) can be downloaded from HERE
    I want to say that I don’t know HTML, PHP, CSS … so try to explain in details those steps.
    Again, sorry for my bad english, I hope that someone will answer my question.
    Thank you in advance

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    Here is a plugin that might do the trick:

    How to Add Tooltip in Your WordPress Posts and Pages

    Otherwise you’ll have to learn HTML and CSS… Here is a link that has a lot of good step-by-steps to help you out in case the plugin isn’t what you want:

    the idea is that the plugin that you gave me … is good only if you want tooltips inside your posts or pages. But I don’t think that I can implement that code [tooltips] etc. in my theme .php files so that every time I hover over a post thumbnail the name of the post will appear … or at least I don’t know how.

    Thank you for your fast answer.



    Well I’m sorry to say if you are going to edit your .php files then you’ll need to learn HTML and CSS. Check out the other link I gave you and see if you can implement that method.

    You already have post thumbnails showing on the site, so ignore the first few sections of this link… but the rest of the page will explain what code you are looking to modify to get css tooltips to work:

    I will check that. But I wonder if it is possible that the Arras theme could use other code than the default theme. Cause I looked into those files and … it’s a little mixed up (for me).
    I really appreciate your help but I don’t even know where is the “function” that controls those thumnails. Where it’s located … if it’s in “index.php”, “tapestries.php” or “deprecated.php” cause in these files I noticed that there are some function where the word “thumbnail” is located and doesn’t match the usual functions of the wordpress (or I didn’t noticed).
    I tried to Right Click in Google Chrome and inspect the elements of my page but on the right side it only shows the css file where is located, so I could only know where the functions that control the CSS of the thumbnails are. But where is the code that control the behavior of these thumbnails … I still don’t know.
    So if you know how to do it (and it’s easy), please take the theme, modify it, and then upload it somewhere.
    I gave you the link of the theme in my first comment.
    Thank you so much for your answers, they are very helpful, but every theme is different and I know that I probably ask too much and that there are people who pay for this kind of help, that’s why I don’t expect someone to modify the theme for me (not for free) , although it would be easier and I could sleep well at night (: …



    I am one of those guys who doesn’t mind helping out and teaching people how to do things… but I can’t just do the work for you. That’s against my practice 🙂

    If you aren’t familiar with how WordPress works, you should do a Google search for WordPress training for beginners. You’ll find tons of tutorials. That’s a good place to start.

    What you are asking for is medium to advanced customization… you need the basics before you get to where you want to be, or you need to hire someone. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

    Don’t be sorry cause I understand. I tried to look at some tutorials but like I said … every theme is different so a newbie like me might not see/understand the code that Arras has as one who knows HTML, CSS, PHP etc.
    That’s why, even if I look in a tutorial, a wordpress tutorial (cause I looked at many until I asked here for help), I don’t know where to start cause in those tutorials they take themes like the default theme of wordpress and this theme (Arras) from my point of view, is a little different at the coding part.
    Anyway, I appreciate your help, and I know that I must learn the basics of HTML and CSS in order to modify the theme as I want to, but then, I couldn’t understand the PHP language so I could connect them … so there’s nothing to do except hire somebody or let it as it is.
    I will leave this post open for a while, cause maybe it’s an easier alternative, not necessarily involving tooltips, but just the name of the post over the image (after hovering the thumnails).
    Have a nice day.

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