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[Resolved] Hover-pause is great but my player is broken!

  • Jeff, thank you for the new hover-pause function which is a great asset.

    But the new update seems to have broken my old widget player controls: my PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons still work but my essential STOP button now does nothing — as you are welcome to test here.

    Is my only option to reinstall the previous version? Since I have the player controls, I don’t need the new pause function – but I do need to give visitors the option to stop the sidebar jiggling up and down when they scroll further down the page.


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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Crap. I will look into here in a bit when I get home.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey chappie,

    The issue should be fixed now in version 2.2.15. It may take a little bit for your WordPress install to see the update.

    Great stuff, Jeff. It’s late on Saturday night, there’s a Holland/Costa Rica penalty shoot-out going on, the good lady wants another glass of vino — but I knew that if I refreshed the page a few times, an update would appear. And so it did.

    All’s well again. Thanks a million for the best support in the WordPress fiefdom — and the best testimonials plugin ever seen.

    Jeff – FWIW, I’ve discovered that the new hover-pause feature doesn’t work on my iMac running an old Mac Os (10.5.8) and old Safari (5.0.6).

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    But it works on a newer version for you right? Have you tried clearing your cache to make sure an old version of the javascript wasn’t being loaded?

    Actually, it’s now working on the old system – it has always worked on my newer system.

    I didn’t change anything to make it start working on the old system…I didn’t even refresh the page. I just looked away and then looked back. Magic!

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Well that’s good news. Do you have your delay set pretty high?

    5 seconds. And I gave the pause function over 30 seconds on three occasions to see if it would condescend to work. But it must have taken pity on me eventually.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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