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  • Yes, that is “hover”.

    To remove it, locate hover specification for your sidebar in your style.css, and make the hover state the same as the link state. It’s probably something like this:

    a {color:#fff; text-decoration:underline}
    a:hover {color:#fff; text-decoration:underline}

    Yes, I thought that would do it also. Tried it again after your suggestion, but no luck. My code now has the a:link and a:hover exactly the same, but they produce different things “on screen”

    It’s very odd.

    I think the hovering is tied to “the_category” but I don’t know how or where.

    Any thoughts there?

    The hover state is doing exactly what the CSS tells it at this very moment, which is to display white text when it is a link and to display black text when it is hovered with a mouse or pointing device.

    What is it you want it to do?

    display always in black text while remaining a link.

    ah ha… your comment helped me understand. I was able to change the code – wasn’t in the hover section after all, rather the a:link section. Made it appear to “hover”

    Thanks! I’ve run into another problem. Apparently correcting the above undid a different change I made. Now the links in the left sidebar are black instead of white. (That’s where the links before became white).

    Hmm.. I know there’s a shortcut to make just some font change in the sidebar…?

    fixed it… whew.

    Place the following in the *SIDEBARS* section of the style.php

    .left-sidebar a {
    color: #FFFFFF

    You need to apply different CSS markup to the different divisions of your site via your CSS file. The CSS changes you just made apply universally to your site because they are not specific, but general.

    Your sidebar links are controlled by a CSS class named .left_widget
    If you add this to your CSS it will control ONLY the links in that class:

    .left-sidebar a {
    .left-sidebar a:hover {

    Make them whatever color you want.

    You need to better understand levels of specificity in CSS —

    Good luck.


    You should not have added that code to sidebar.php…did you? I see that there is now a problem with your database, and your page generates errors from the database…big trouble.

    Did you mess with sidebar.php?

    By the way, even if you use the “hover” to remove the underline from a link, it’s still a link.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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