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  1. dgrylas
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I created hotspots on an image using dreamweaver and pasted code in page text area. Now I would like to add a hover state to each hotspot.
    I have read some posts (some very old) on wordpress forum but a need a simple to understand solution. Thank You

  2. dgrylas
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello Josh,
    Thanks for your reply.
    i'm not clear on how to apply this to my hotspot code below:
    <map id="Map" name="Map"> <area alt="link to 2013 Conference" coords="256,47,389,69" shape="rect" href="http://www.grylas.com/firntest/?page_id=287" /> <area alt="link to past programs page" coords="256,69,387,86" shape="rect" href="http://www.grylas.com/firntest/?page_id=21" /> <area alt="link to About Firn Page" coords="62,108,175,134" shape="rect" href="http://www.grylas.com/firntest/?page_id=25" /> <area alt="link to membership page" coords="141,203,249,228" shape="rect" href="http://www.grylas.com/firntest/?page_id=17" /> <area alt="link to journal page" coords="490,110,572,138" shape="rect" href="http://www.grylas.com/firntest/?page_id=23" /> <area alt="link to important links page" coords="380,204,519,233" shape="rect" href="http://www.grylas.com/firntest/?page_id=28" /> </map>

    Thanks in advance

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