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    So maybe this isn’t a bug but I just noticed that somehow we lost the “Next page, Previous page” Link on the top/bottom of each page. The problem being that the app loaded my 5 most recent post but there was no way for me to access any thing before that. I think we need to add page navigation into the theme. (I thought we had it in there at some point but I may be mistaking)

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  • Brooke.


    Thanks Samuel. This was more of a note/comment about if WPBook should include this feature. I think a previous version of this particular plugin had it build in.

    Hmm. I’m not aware of having done anything in particular to have removed it – but we should definitely put it back if we did remove it.

    It’s a relatively easy thing to add

    Actually it is still there in mine, and one or two others I just checked out.

    Which installation were you seeing that didn’t have it?



    I’m not seeing it on or my app. I get the navigation if I click on a post so I’m only viewing one post. If I look at the main index page i only see the last 5 post with no way to get to page two. IE, no link to

    Unless I’m completely missing something here.

    I thought you were talking about on an individual post.

    On any individual post, we do show next and previous links, so you could go to the last post and then go back from there but it would be 1 at a time.

    Did we ever have pagination? Also shouldn’t be difficult to recreate, using the posts_nav_link template tag – but we might need to add a filter for that to stay within Facebook.

    Let’s consider this part of the wishlist . . .



    I’ll work on this for a future release. Some feedback though, should there be an option for this or just have it always be on. I’m going for have it displayed with no option to turn it off. Which I think is standard for most themes.

    I’m fine with just having it on.

    People are overwhelmed a bit with the existing options already, so not adding more at this point seems like a good idea. 😉

    Did a bit of testing here – the problem is that the previous and next page links are unfiltered – so they point to the blog outside of facebook, but with all the fb_sig_in_facebook stuff, which messes everything up.

    We’ve either got to grab the previous and next links and parse them to take out the blog url and add the facebook app url, or build our own.

    Not sure which is easier . . .

    Anyone know if there are filters which impact or the sub_functions (get_previous_posts_link() and get_next_posts_link())



    I’ll look into this as well, been meaning to contrubite a few things back to WPBook you just seem to keep releasing new versions before I have time to get my changes in there. 🙂

    We need to get you working in SVN so that you can either contribute directly, or just grab latest from trunk and submit patches . . .

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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