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    I typed in this code; Easiest code in the world huh and yet it doesn’t work. I have tried everything and does it work? NOPE. I’ve spent around 8 hours on this and all it ever prints is ‘Good Evening’ and all the time I was thinking it was my fault, but no. It’s this flipping plugin not working properly!


    $hour = date(‘G’);
    echo “$hour “;

    if ($hour >= 0 && $hour <= 11)
    echo ‘Good morning ‘;
    else if ($hour >=12 && $hour <=17)
    echo ‘Good afternoon ‘;
    else if($hour >=18 && $hour<= 24)
    echo ‘Good evening ‘;


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  • Just switched to another PHP plugin and BAM!! All my code instantly started working!

    I can’t believe the hours I spent with this useless plugin – download ANYTHING else but this.

    @simonnicol Would You mind to tell me the name of the other php plugin please?


    @simonnicol Why say you found another working plugin, but dont say what it is? SMH

    Sorry about that. It’s called Insert PHP – and works perfectly!

    Ironically, I’m literally looking at it now.. thanks for responding so timely though!

    Well, I have tried both, and when i revisited this plugin, I found it to work just like advertised. This one is far better than Insert Php.

    “This one is far better than Insert Php.”

    Well it either works or it doesn’t. “far better” is meaningless.

    I found this plugin didn’t work with the code I was using, so I beg to differ your opinion.

    If you’re happy with this – super. Just thought it responsible of me to report that this plugin has bugs – if you haven’t found them, then super.


    Well, if you read my post it was based of ‘my’ use and comparison of the two in regards to their ease of use and features and to let other readers that for “me” it did and does work.

    I never said it didn’t work. And “far better” is meant as a comparison between it and Insert PHP which doesn’t work like this one nor does it have the feature set like this one. Which would allow the next reader to also, maybe, compare the two like such.. feature set.

    As far as you simply saying “it doesn’t work” is actually meaningless for others because, well, it doesn’t work for “you”.

    Would like to see if you could pass variables from content area to sidebar, actually anywhere on any page with Insert PHP.. it cant do it.

    Can it pass variables or any values for that matter OUTSIDE of the php block u create with it? Like say, have a variable in the content area WHILE using the same variable in a sidebar widget.. or footer widget?
    Nope.. So, I’ll keep this plugin, its working great.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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