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    I use FeedWordPress on my site. I have had to turn off the tweet by default option, because too many FeedWordPress posts have gotten sent to twitter, at once, which could cause twitter to suspend my twitter account or revoke my site’s twitter application permissions.

    For example, yesterday, a feed updated, before I turned off the tweet by default option, and about 7 tweets were sent, successfully, to twitter; then, twitter refused the next few automated tweets that were associated with that feed update. I did not find out about this until long after it had happened, but I turned off the tweet by default option to avoid a recurrence.

    Does anyone know how I can set things up so that only a limited number of the FeedWordPress updates are sent to twitter per hour, or something like that?

    Of course, I do not want twitter to suspend my twitter account or my app account, for sending too many tweets; but, I don’t want to send lots of tweets, automatically, anyway. If I could even set things up so that my site, automatically, sends 1 or 2 tweets an hour, based on my FeedWordPress updates, to twitter, I would be happy.

    If you are not clear on what I want to do let me know and I will try to explain better.

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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    I don’t know a lot about FeedWordPress, but upgrading to PRO gives you a lot of customization in terms of restricting posting by categories, users, or custom parameters; this could be a useful way for you to restrict your Tweeting in various ways.

    There are also a lot of filters in WP to Twitter that you could probably use to write a custom function that logged Tweets and automatically turned off Tweeting after ‘x’ number of Tweets were sent in a given period of time.

    Thanks for replying.

    I, very much, appreciate the functionality WP to Twitter provides.

    I actually lost my home of 17 years, however, and I am, more or less, living out of my 20 year old car trying, rather desperately, to get in a position where that is no longer necessary.

    You have no idea how much I am not in a position to get the PRO version.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    You don’t need the PRO version to implement the custom function I talked about; but it’s well outside what I can practically do as support. It would be fairly complex to set up.

    I hear you, Joe.

    I understand. I am not really in a position to put a lot of time into posting to Twitter, “live”. Since I still have this particular website up, and the WP to Twitter plugin is active, on it, I was just thinking it would be “nice” if I could do something that would send Tweets in the “hourly limited” manner I initially described.

    I posted here, I guess, for the same reason most people post here; hoping someone might offer up a “solution” I could implement, myself.

    The website does not get any traffic, but I was just thinking that, potentially, the 1700, or so, Twitter followers I have might take to using my website; which, in turn, could have a very “outside chance” of creating a beneficial “opportunity” for me.

    Specifically, when those 7 tweets were inadvertently sent, linking back to posts on my website, 2 Twitter users actually marked one of the Tweets as a “favorite”. So, I thought about how many more “favorites”, on Tweets linking back to my website, I could get if I were able to set my website to automatically Tweet its FeedWordPress aggregated content 24 hours a day.

    Since, this is one of the fairly rare periods of time during which I am doing something with my website(s), I figured I would try to get a number of things going on it, including this.

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