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    There’s a lot this plugin gets right but for everything it does well, there’s an equal number of major issues.

    From perfectly valid 404 page errors in the AMP version, an unremovable footer that has all of my required page links. Yes, I set up an AMP menu which is better formatted but now it shows up twice. The requirement to purchase a separate plugin to support the Contact 7 plugin which some links work while others do not. PayPal donation links (some working others do not).

    I prefer your version of recent posts for the AMP pages but prefer mine for the desktop version but there is no way to remove the desktop version and still have yours in the AMP version. I could go on and on but you can see why I would never purchase something that is so riddled with errors right out of the box.

    If I remove it, I’ll be inundated with Google 404 errors for the missing AMP pages while keeping it, Google is racking up a massive amount of invalid AMP pages (i.e. ALL OF THEM) because this plugin cannot convert an already well-formatted website for mobile that matches the speeds of its AMP counterpart then what is the point? Oh yeah, because Google demands it or penalizing your traffic otherwise. Brilliant move on their part.

    In short, this is way more work having to maintain two separate websites when the one I already have works fantastically well on both platforms. I could care less if some user in a 3rd world country that’s still using 3G networks for mobile can access quickly or not. That’s not my audience and certainly not one that would ever donate to my efforts. If you want me to take so much time and money towards purchasing and relying on your plugin, it needs to work right of the box. Sadly, it doesn’t even come close.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hello kjam

    I can understand that your facing some issue while using our plugin, but it is a totally technical product so there might be some issues. but if you want to use our plugin then, please tell us we will solve your all issue.

    and if you don’t want to use our plugin then you can remove it and if you face any issue after removing the plugin then I am also happy to help and solve your issues.

    AMP is literally a new technology and we are working very hard to fixed all the issues and released a stable update of our plugin and coming two or three months you will see a lot of improvement in the plugin with more stability.

    If you have issues while using our plugin then please reach us on team@magazine3.com our team will solve all your issues.

    Thank you.

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