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  • Yes a contradiction in terms – accountancy and ANYTHING exciting, but I have been polishing this for a few months now and I think I have settled on a winning formula for our accountancy blog.

    It’s self hosted and WordPress is only used for the blog section. I customized the theme to be seamlessly integrated into the main site. The landing page uses the ‘featured content gallery’ plugin. Nice and colorful for livening up a dull subject such as accountancy!

    Please let me know what you think!

    Alex [sig moderated as per the Forum Rules]

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  • Well you guys may not be bothered – but spam commentators are queuing up to add their reviews to the site 🙂 We have a WP spam filter plugins but they are still getting through and it’s on the increase daily.

    The price of jumping up the Google rankings I suppose. We are now #1 in Google SERPs for Accountants in our area (with more than 1000 in competition) and most of that jump is due to WordPress and the SEO plugins I have added to the site.

    Site traffic is more than doubling each month. So must be doing something right 😉

    Would still love to hear if anyone has any suggestions though.



    I think you should 100% change the sunflower header, and make the blog link uniform with the other links.

    The sunflower is the preferred corporate branding of the whole site by the business owner – so that has to stay.

    The script blog link I think looks great – I only recently added this – it differentiates the blog from the rest of the site and indicates it’s more about written articles than corporate pages.

    Just found a cool plugin that lets you add sidebars to all pages for the Twenty Eleven theme and it’s children – Twenty Eleven Theme Extensions

    I think that makes navigating the site a lot easier.



    I think you’re already set on the website so why post here?

    Because it’s still a work in progress.

    For example today I changed the ‘page’ templates so that the sidebar is always present – thus allowing consistent navigation throughout the site.

    I also add a security plugin and did a scan to fix any security holes.

    I usually do something major on a weekly basis to evolve the design / functionality. So others sharing their experiences building a WordPress site is always welcome – negative or positive.



    Hey Alex 🙂

    I had to go and take a look when I saw ‘hot and accountancy’ used in the same sentence(LOL)I think the blog looks great, really nice and clean and easy to get a round. Much better than the actual site, which looks a bit messy to be honest due to the menus.

    I know you didn’t ask for feedback on the site but your getting it any way :)The text size of the sidebar menus look like they have been done with a chunky crayon. When the menu opens up the white text at the bottom doesn’t look too clever as it’s almost blending in with the gradient background (I bet if I looked at it on one of my older computer I’d hardly be able to see it). The dropped shadow on the top menu doesn’t work for me either it just looks too blury.

    I think you blogs got some interesting content, so as a newly self employed person I’m going to be putting your site in my bookmarks for future reference:)

    Thanks icedms

    Yes I am thinking of migrating the whole site to WordPress and start with a new Premium theme. I agree the overall design doesn’t gel – I created it in my spare time, but I am not a professional web designer so did a pretty good job given I am an IT Systems Architect/Engineer by trade.

    I think with the quality content, and a new theme the whole site will be taken to a new level.



    i like the theme. what is it?

    Twenty Eleven child theme.

    The new site I am working on now (migrating the old content) is based upon the premium theme Polyon. It will be MUCH slicker.



    Polyon is really nice theme.

    It’s even better now after a few days development and replacing Nivo with ProSlider…

    Prepare to be wowed in a week or so! 🙂 The old site looks Micky Mouse in comparison.

    Since my last post the new accountant FULL WordPress site went live and is doing very well. It’s been received very well by new and existing customers. Traffic is up every week.

    The design is pretty much done now…based on a customized Polyon template with Slider Pro v2 – the new version still not available to the general public yet. The site is now SO much better being completely written in WP (ie. not just the blog section).

    We are mainly concentrating on writing new content in terms of blog articles and am finding this greatly helps widen the net for the search engine query matches. Google PageRank is already well up across most pages compared to the the previous site 🙂

    As always, any tips/suggestions/comments most welcome…

    i like slider

    Did you install wordpress as subdomain to your main website?

    @realwebtraffic – thanks, yes I replaced the Nivo Slider that came with the template with a premium one. It is used only used on the site 3 times (front page main banner, and quote box, plus the blog page) but I think it really makes the site.

    @blograzzi – no this is the main site. The blog section use to be a sub-folder running wordpress, but now it’s the whole site (I had to start from scratch and migrate all the old content). If it was a sub-domain then it would be something like I dropped the www. so that the URL is shorter and target keywords are found earlier in it. During development I did install WP into a /test folder and then created a test subdomain to link to it ie. – but I moved this to the main home directory once the development was done. Very useful trick though.

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