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    I love this plugin, thanx for developing 🙂

    My question is regarding activation of Jetpack Plugin in a pre-production server. I know I can use a debug more for develop with this code define( 'JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', true); in wp-config.php.

    In this case I´m using the real domain but changing the IP with my etc/hosts file, mapping. ¿Can I connect jetpack in this server?, I mean, the IP and domain are not visible is just for develop, I want to do this so when the server moves to the LIVE IP jetpack is already connected so all the features are visible and don´t break the theme.

    Is not a migration, you know, is just an IP change.


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  • Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


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    Hi there,

    That won’t work proerly, because Jetpack needs to be able to communicte with the site for it to connect, and if you are using the domain and changing your hosts file, then when we try to connect to the domain, we won’t be able to reach it.

    Here’s what I would do, though:

    1) develop on your pre-production server in Dev mode
    2) migrate the db to the live site
    3) activate Jetpack and connect it

    It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to configure the modules you want, if you were to just drop in a fresh Jetpack install into your production site and activate it then, without migrating it.

    if eithe rof these options don’t sound feasible for you, can you explain why not? I can make note of the issues you think you’ll have, and maybe the Jetpack team can work on fixing those possible issues for a future release.


    I know there is an options using a hack in functions.php to use the deb mode, I used already.

    In many clients enviroments there is one server:

    1. developing (CODING) ->
    2. pre-prodution (LIVE MIRROR) -> mapped IP
    3. production (LIVE) ->

    In the server 1 I use jetpack dev mode, for in server 2 would be cool to use a real connection thru jetpack, becasue in that serer have the same is a mirrow and need to be the same as the server 3.

    Right know I solve this, using a Maintenence Mode plugin, so before launch I do the connection. It solve in a way but is not a real solution.

    Jetpack is a fantastic plugin hope they include a new featured for this kind of situations 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


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    I see what you mean. I don’t think it would be possible though because the servers need to be able to reach the site for Jetpack to work, and when the site communicates with our servers, it includes the site’s URL in the information that is passed back to us. If you have 2 sites passing back the same URL, that will definitely cause issues with several Jetpack modules.

    Ok, but what if like the same hack to debug jatpack is a new one to tell jetpack or to “map” the domain, tell it it´s fake, just for test.

    BTW, I try to find how many sites I have connected with jetpack to my Account and I can´t find anything, no overview page, like the same as app allowed to connect. 😛

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


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    That’s an idea, but a pretty complicated one to implement, I’d guess. However, feel free to open a new Trac ticket with the idea, here:

    As for seeing which sites are linked to your account, you can see that if you log in to, on the page.

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