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  • I am trying to replace the default theme by another. I tried it from the listed in WP and als tried to upload through WP-content.

    Either way, I have to fill out hostname, username anmd password to upload them.

    I tried every combination possible as in hostnames, usernames and passwords, but it keeps saying the ccombination isnt good.

    Who can tell me which data I need to use? From the host? From WP? Combination? Other name for host other then localhost?

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  • Btw,

    Same problems with pluginns, cant change anything really without providing those data..

    Can anyone please gice me a hint what to use when uploading anything such as themes/ pluginns as a hostname, username and password. The ones I have from my host? The onse from WP? Other ones?

    Depends if you’re uploading from the WordPress back end admin console, in which case you should already be logged in. Or, if you are uploading the files via FTP in which case you would need the credentials provided by your host and not WP.

    I’ve just started using WP myself and have been uploading themes and plugins through the WP backend. They make it very simple.

    Thank you WordPress developers and community.

    If you are trying to get WordPress to fetch and install a new Theme or Plug-in you need the information from your host. Your site name, your user or account name, and password. It should be the same information required if you wanted to FTP files to your site. When WordPress does the install or upgrade work it needs access to your main site to store the new files. This is completely different information than used to log into WordPress.

    Your host provides that information and should be able to explain what is what.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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