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  • Hello I have problems. Last Thursday Hostmonster went down for a while and ever since then my website is very slow. A browser sits and waits for 20 seconds before the request is answered.
    Hostmonster doesn’t seem to have a clue and says it’s a CSS problem (most knowledgeable of the many contacts). They say I need to fix that. I don’t think so since I’ve never had a problem until the re-did their server that I’m on.
    I think they have a problem connecting with WordPress. I’m not sure though since I can’t even get jet pack to finish. I get the error:

    Jetpack could not contact register_http_request_failed. This usually means something is incorrectly configured on your web host.

    Operation timed out after 15000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

    The fellow also had me to go to GTMetrix and analyze the site. Here is something interesting:
    Most of the time is spent waiting
    I have a picture but I can’t seem to upload it. I haven’t done any special code, just using wordpress. Everything worked great until last week.

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  • That gtmetrix report also says a few things about your CSS. It says to Minify your CSS, Use efficient CSS selectors, and Remove unused CSS.
    The CSS of your site is going to be about your Theme. If you don’t want to edit the CSS of the theme, you could try a different theme instead that’s written better.

    When you go to the YSlow tab of that report, it also mentions you can get a CDN and that you should not scale your images in HTML.

    For the images part, it means that if the picture is showing smaller on your page than the original picture, to reduce the pic permanently and save it smaller then upload it so it doesn’t have to shrink it every time someone visits your site.

    For the CDN option, I know that Hostmonster does offer a free CDN called CloudFlare in your account that you can enable in your cPanel there.

    Same issue here.
    My Hostmonster server is running really slow.

    I put CloudFlare on my DNS, it “solved” the problem for my visitors, however, my navigation inside wordpress is still awful.

    If anyone knows how to fix this, I will be grateful.


    I appreciate the help. I will try CloudFlare.

    I do go through and shrink all images before uploading. All sites I tested give that same image error including GTmetrix.

    How do I activate Jetpack with the hostmonster errors?

    I never got the CSS errors or the slowdown until last week when Hostmonster server crashed. Since then it’s been very slow and they say it’s due to the coding. Nothings changed so I don’t know how that could be. The Magazine Premium that I use works great and always has.

    I’m sure the problem is something besides the theme. I has to be the server. Try loading and it sends the request and then it says ‘waiting’ for 15 seconds after that. The page will load then in just a second after that request. The initial request is what takes so long.

    None of this happened until their servers crashed last thursday.

    Using the GTmetrix timeline the response header is the slow part. Is that something I can change?


    I moved one of my blogs to Hostgator and slow issue was solved.
    Now I’m pretty sure they are having problems on server.

    I don’t know, I can’t trust in a company that I pay for services and they don’t give a minimum attention to say the truth for their clients.

    I am switching from Hostmonster. I cannot fight their support anymore nor can I make the necessary changes to get it fixed.

    Who is the best host out there using WordPress who listens if there are problems?


    I have been using Hostmonster for 7.5 years.
    Last year I started a WP blog for grad school. The past couple of weeks I’ve been having performance issues with sites loading sluggishly. Had occasion to call Hostmonster on a WP problem ( I moved the location of images in JP) and they were all about selling me a “three-year hosting plan” that would save me money. Had another issue a few days later tech said, “Wow. Your site is being throttled.” Now the latest upsell technique from them is to avoid throttling by kicking up to the next level in hosting or get a second account.

    Like Bryce Steiner, I no longer have trust in Hostmonster (or their parent/sister company BlueHost and am looking for another company.



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