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  • Not directly wordpress related, but I figure there ought to be someone with the right kind of knowledge here.

    I just switched hosts, and one of the main reasons was that when working with wordpress on the old host I would constantly get either blank pages or unprocessed php-files sent to my browser. What I wonder is: am I right in assuming that this indicates that the server is overloaded and doesn’t have enough cpu-time for all accounts?

    Could this be a security risk as well? I mean, if someone attempted to access for example wp-config.php and the server returns the raw file they would get the database password and so on. And that could be bad, since this particular host by default sets up databases with the same password as the user account.

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    the php interpreter would need to fail completely for raw code to be shown in a browser window. Ive never seen or heard of that happening, doesnt mean it couldnt.

    blank pages, or naked pages (no CSS) and the like tend to be due to slowness in general, and dont always mean that the server itself is slow. The internet is only as good as the hops between you and something else, and there are a LOT of hops. One bad router is enough to cause slow loading times, etc..

    I didn’t see the code in the browser, but Firefox would ask what to do with post.php, execute-pings.php or whatever. Seems I have cleaned my downloads folder since the last time I downloaded one instead of cancelling, so I can’t say how much, if any, of the code was in those files.

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