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  • We were planning on making our site into a wordpress site, right now it’s html. We recently switched hosting companies. When we started our wordpress site we named it under our current domain name on the hosting company cpanel (the hosting company we planned on switching to). When all the files were transfered, they moved our wordpress site into a backup folder and put our current live site up. We are now no longer able to edit our wordpress site as we could before the transfer. I contacted the hosting company and they said that, since the current site is up the wordpress site could not be in the root folder but would have to be in a subfolder under the domain. They also said that if they were to move it the site would not work properly since it was originally created under the root host name.

    Is there any way I can work on this wordpress site under a subfolder and then move it replace the html site currently live? I have no experience with wordpress and I do not know which files I would need to move.

    Thank you.

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  • Yes, you can work under a subdirectory with ease. for example.

    Once you are ready to move the site:
    1. Run a back up.
    2. update the general settings for the site & home URL to simply be
    3. Move the files in FTP to the root of your public HTML directory.
    4. Login and update any images / links that are referencing the /working sub directory.
    5. Resave your permalinks to flush out any old settings.

    You can have both your old site at and then your WP site in a sub-folder. Use this to change the url for WordPress and then dev site at and Giving WordPress it’s own Directory

    And, a personal note: If your host does not know how to assist you in this very basic setup step that is widely used, you may want to consider a better host (or insist on a tech rep who knows WP). Many sites run a /blog/ (or whatever subfolder name you decide to use) and that part of the site is WP. The main site stays as it was…and a menu item or link is added to the /blog/

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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