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  • Guys,

    What’s the attitude to hosting unfinished plugins on I think it would be easier to work from there than anywhere else, and then it would already be on the lists. the only thing is that we’d have to do <strong>stable version:</strong> 0.1 and not have a tag/0.1 or something to make sure that others couldn’t download it.

    I wonder what the attitude of the rest of the community is to doing this, and whether enough ppl would support a field in the plugin that said if it was public release or not.

    If this is just a stupid idea, please just say so.

    UPDATE: Friend is a pedant about Grammar.
    Update 2: Same reason as before.

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  • I think it’s a great idea. Just do something like what you describe, except make the stable tag be just a file with an explanation about how the plugin is under development.

    Ok, thanks.
    I wasn’t sure of the reaction, but I am now sure that this can work.

    The next stage is to advertise the plugin that I want help developing


    (Checking Grammar….Done)

    I have put in a request (along with a sprinkling of bad grammar) for it. you can see what i’ve said here:
    any more comments? anyone?

    (Checking Grammar … Failed…cba)

    They Approved It.
    I am amazed at the fact that they have, unless it’s automated…

    Ok. My Plugin is a very basic plugin (but not quite as basic as the previous one)
    It aims to provide a way to vote “for’, “against” or “Abstain” on a particular subject / statement.

    It revolves around a table in the database that has 6 Fields: Id, Title, For, Against, Abstain, Is_Active

    the basic functionality is that you press a link in the post/page, and then it registers your vote in the table, and re-graphs the results using the google charts API, as well as setting a cookie so you can’t vote again.
    On the backend is a table like the posts table, that shows all the content of the table. You can edit only the fields “title” and “is_active” but not the votes count. you can also view the results from the backend, and delete the votes

    any help would be appreciated. please may you reply here if you would like to. my main problem is lack of php knowledge, time, and experience of the wordpress APi in general, but i hope to learn from this whilst developing this plugin.

    i’ll upload what i’ve done so far to the svn repository, as well as notes on all the files.


    alas, i screwed up upload, and have deleted all my work
    it’s good to start afresh though


    funnily enough, i worked out svn, and have retrieved all my (s@£$%) code

    anyway, all’s well that starts well

    i hope


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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