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    I’ve noticed that the rating plugin needs a lot more time to load then the page itself. Sometimes it takes almost a full minute before the stars are shown.
    This could be fixed if I host the javascript files myself (external.min.js).

    Why isn’t this possible? You could just add external.min.js to the files inside the plugin.
    I like your plugin, and it looks pretty nice. But if the slow loading can’t get improved I will have to look for another plugin that just shows before readers scroll down (and don’t even notice the stars).

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  • Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    I understand your concern, but unfortunately currently the architecture of the plugin don’t allow it to be on-prem. We do have a white labeling solution for enterprise/corporate websites but it costs much more than the average user can afford. If you like to learn more about it you are more than welcome to contact me at [vova AT rating-widget DOT com].

    Why did you change this topic to resolved? I askes you how to host the javascript files myself, and this question has not been resolved.
    Don’t change it when it shouldn’t be changed.
    I did notice that you do that in several topics, you shouldn’t.

    But since it’s clear you won’t help me with this particulair question. (you could tell me how to edit the plugin…)
    So, I’ll try another question (which i’m afraid I know the answer to): your tooltip (when you hover the stars) isn’t working correctly. The tooltip floats on top of the star, which makes it impossible to click on the star (thus, not gaving a rating).
    Is there some way I can disable the tooltip (which I don’t like anyway).
    Second: I really don’t get the points for the button with the “i” in it. I just doesn’t make any sense, so I want that garbage gone… is this a hidden option to enable/disable?

    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    1. I’ve changed it to resolved because there is no way to host it on your server with the free version. It’s not a problem, that’s the design. This is why this topic is RESOLVED.

    2. Please share the link to your site for me to check the tooltip issue. And yes, you can hide it. This option isn’t available in the admin’s dashboard in WP but if you are a developer you can edit the rating-widget.php file and using our documentation you’ll be able to solve it.

    3. To get rid of the (i) report you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version:
    You can read about the reason we have that button here:

    That’s not being resolved, that’s being answered.
    So no, this topic has not been resvoled you’ve only been able to give an answer which did not help me with my quest to improve on the shitty load time.
    But you probably think that your support page gives a positive impression when everything says “resolved”. It’s not as if visitors will actually open a topic to check wether or not it has really been resolved.

    Thanks for the link. It’s good to see that there is a bit of documentation that might help some people. Removing the tooltip makes the plugin lots and lots better.

    What I don’t get however, why make a shitty plugin version and then say “to get the good one, buy the pro version”. That just makes me not wanting the pro-version. You’re doing this to make money, not the help people.

    Since this is turning into a discussion (and i’ve got way better things to do than comment on how little you seem to care for your users), I’ve just deleted your plugin and installed one of the many free widgets that seem to have very good support. I got rid of the ridiculous I-button AND no more tooltips AND it was totally free (not to mention that the other one actually loads within a minute). How about that… everything solved and improved without spending a penny.

    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    Regarding the (i) report button, I’m willing to turn this off if you’ll kindly sponsor the hosting.

    I don’t know why are you so angry, I’m just trying to help. I’m not going to argue with you and I wish you the best of luck with the other plugin and your website.

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