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  • Does anyone have any recommendations on a host for WordPress? My blog is getting anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 uniques per day and all of the shared hosts I’ve been with just have too much downtime. I’m willing to pay within reason, but my primary concern is uptime.

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  • Avoid GoDaddy.

    I’d recommend Linux web hosting with a host that lets you use cPanel.

    Any specific hosts you would recommend?

    Hostgator is my favorite. Have had many providers, keep coming back to hostgator-it’s Linux, has 2 easy site builders if you need it, 3 blogging platforms to choose from, insourced great service, and you get free templates from Template Monster. The owner makes himself available even. No. I don’t work for them. Use the link above and you get 20% off . Hope that helps.

    I say use Network Solutions.
    They may be a bit more, but they ARE the internet, and they have great support / features, plus are never down!

    Network Solutions is the devil.

    Westhost is what I prefer. You can get a virtual dedicated server with the spring special right now for about 10 bucks. You get 1000 GB transfer a month, unlimited domains, 50GB of space, and a free domain name. 24/7 support and great uptime and I don’t work for them.

    I use Zyon for which has a pretty decent affiliate pack to go along with the excellent customer service I have had. They had a couple of weeks of sketchy late night service a couple of weeks ago while they were doing upgrades. Now that the upgrades are done everything is either back to normal or much faster. You can count on them to expand capacity as they expand their sales, unlike a lot of other hosting companies. They also have a nice affiliate package. $5.95 is my cost per domain with the standard domain charges of about $10 a year.

    If you run several blogs though you might think about host gator which will let you run multiple domains on the same hosting account if you have one of the bigger packages. Even after I consolidate my other 3 blogs there, I will still keep one at Zyon for the affiliate package.

    Hi OP.

    did it dawn on you to look up there on the menu bar, between the word FORUMS and DOWNLOAD? 😉

    There’s a good chance those hosts are featured there because referrals support wordpress, so I’d give them a shot over any one person’s opinion here.


    I’ve used two of the hosts suggested by WordPress and they’ve been questionable at best.

    well, the suggestions you’ve been given so far aren’t going to be any better.

    If you’re prepared to pay for it, dedicated hosting can be really nice. My sites are at The Planet, and I’ve loved it there. They’re not the cheapest dedicated host and not the most expensive either, but they give you all the “hands” time on your server you’re likely to require, free of charge, and their “orbit” control panel is really nice.

    Ticket response time is anywhere between 2 minutes and 2 hours, but no longer than that, and resolution has been under 4 hours every time, for me – which has included fixing issues with me locking myself out of my own server by accident, free of charge.

    Your site probably doesn’t need its own server, so if you can swing it, get a couple of friends together. You’ll really feel the difference between 400 sites on the one box, and only 4 or 5 (or 20 friends, if their requirements are low, it’ll help offset your server cost).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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