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  • Can someone give me insight into what is the best solution in terms of hosting a WordPress site. My situation is this. My company has a dedicated server which host our business’ website. The nature of our business is that we live and breathe by our reported number of pages views and visitor sessions. We really don’t care where our site is hosted as long as it provides us with the best solutions. So with that in mind my questions below are in regards to…is it better to host on our server, the hosting solution provided by WordPress or another remote server solution.

    1) What hosting scenario will give us the quickest page loading times
    2) What hosting scenario will allow us to best report our page views and visitor info
    3) What hosting scenario will allow us to best manage/maintain our site
    4) And MOST IMPORTANT, what’s the best hosting scenario if we develop our own theme template which includes our business’ nav bar structure. Regarding this, it is our intention to develop a theme that works seamlessly with our current business website. In otherwords we want the WordPress functionality but want it to integrate it as much as possible into our existing businesse’s website’s structure so that it looks like it’s part of our existing site.

    Thanks to any and all that reply. WordPress is a great thing!!!

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    WordPress is a great thing!!!

    We’re all agreed there.
    1) Hosting requirements –
    2) Page views/visitor info – doesn’t matter what server you use though some have additional tools for your metrics – or use any or combo or following WP Plugins –
    3) Manage/Maintain site – first of all secure your WP install and follow instructions/suggestions here – Plugins are available as well to assist you.
    4) Use pwn server or hosted, not an issue. By all means, feel free to create your WP theme based on your site’s layout. Google convert XHTML or HTML to WordPress theme and you’ll find great resources to help you integrate WP seamlessly with you current site. You’ll also find ways to minimize calls to DB as well as how to optimize your WP theme and DB.
    Welcome to WP and best wishes 🙂

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