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  • Hi,
    I’d like to know what hosting people would recommend.
    Also, why do you recommend it? e.g. Cheap, good support, high bandwidth, one-click installs, big MB’s of space, etc…, etc…,

    Dominic Foster.

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  • I’m happy with

    I am happy with the one I am using and I am sure most others are happy with the ones they are with or they would move on to another host. Speaking of moving on… the link provided by masquerade is sufficient. Let’s not turn this into a forum for advertising.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    While Masq has the official link, we do have people posting here with DreamHost problems and Bluehost and the word ‘support’ are distant cousins several times removed. Alledgedly.

    Moderator James Huff


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    I’ll second the vote for A Small Orange.

    FWIW, Podz. I use Dreamhost and have no cause for complaint whatsoever – I have had a couple of outages, but *shrugs* I assume backups and upgrades will take out my service from time to time. I’ve only ever had my free P*pex webspace before this, and I can only comment that I find the Dreamhost service a pleasure.

    One-click install for DB and WordPress is a breeze.

    Support is improving all the time – quick response and personable. And, like this forum, they seem to be pretty forgiving of dolt mistakes!

    No axe to grind, just a balancing comment. :o)

    Thanks to macmanx & podz for their votes of confidence in ‘a small orange.’ Have to check that site out. I wish I’d known about them before I chose BlueHost.

    I can’t say BlueHost is bad. I guess I’m just agnostic about them.

    There are outages from time to time but they don’t last long. They don’t seem to know much about .htaccess & claim it’s not part of the service they normally provide (which I found a bit lame). I’ve found if you bring them an unusual question they sometimes don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know if it’s my question that’s the problem or their ignorance. If you need phone support outside of normal business hrs. you’re not going to get it. They don’t have a forum.

    I guess I’d rate them average for service & quality. Sorry if that’s damning w. faint praise. I’m perfectly willing to admit that others may find them perfectly fine or even superb. Maybe it’s just me & my needs…

    Mark (podz)


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    akbigdog – you are spamming now. Posts like that WILL be deleted.

    ASO are great. Their support is unbelievable and they seem to be very customer orientated, even going so far as to stop accepting new customers awhile back until they were sure they could handle the increased load.

    I was a very happy customer but switched to Dreamhost (affiliate link) simply because they provided so much for the money. I don’t regret the move, DH have been very good for me, but I do miss the fruit a bit a sometimes 😉

    I’ve had a great experience with bluehost.

    Good luck,




    Affiliate link to Dreamhost has been removed from tauquil’s post.

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