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  • Im at this time thinking of dropping my webhost and want to know if wordpress has a hosting that can take my blog and keep the same URL I now have. I thought I read correctly that wordpress could do it for ten dollars a year. But I think Ive misunderstood that thread. Sometimes reading all of the information can get boggled up in my head.
    So Im wondering if I have to have a seperate webhost or If I can transfer here and keep my blog exactly the way it is.

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  • I don’t think hosts anything…maybe

    But, about you wanting to keep your same URL…that may be a problem. If you are currently with a cheap, shared host and you let them register your domain name for you, then you may have a difficult time getting them to allow you to transfer the domain name. Most shared hosting providers include a “Free” domain name with their hosting plan, but they register your domain in their name…not yours…and they prohibit transfers. Hopefully, you registered your domain name yourself…if not, good luck getting it when you leave.

    It is always a good idea to register your own domain names…there are a lot of good companies that specialize in this. I have about 40 registered with Godaddy, so I know they are mine and I can use them anywhere.


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