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  • I’m currently with Crystal Tech in Phoenix. I live in Phoenix. I like local.

    What I don’t like is how slow my blogs respond both on the front and back ends.

    Can someone recommend, hands down, the best WordPress hosting solution, speed, price, etc. I’m tired of the waiting.

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    Try search the forums. There have been plenty of threads on this before.

    I run word press mu and buddy press, I am struggling with hosting, as either they are very expansive I cannot afford or I doubt that they can support.

    As I have been moving around 4 servers in 4 months.

    I have 2700 blogs on the site and its growing. Use bandwidth of 2 gb per day.

    Help me else cannot carry on with this.

    susomoy sinha

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    With that amount of blogs, you may need a VPS just for the resource consumption.

    I highly recommend A Small Orange. They’re fast, reliable, and never oversell their servers. If you contact them using the info email link on the front page, they can make more accurate recommendations for your site.

    2G a day means 60G a month (plan for 70-75 to cover for the inevitable overage).

    You’ll be spending basically $50 a month for that, on any decent host. And you may need to spend more since bandwidth isn’t the only parameter. Look at your disk usage. If your CPU keeps spiking, you need a bigger server (or one with more memory).

    LiquidWeb is also good. But regardless of who you pick, if you want good support for a site that size, you’re going to need to pay for it, and I wouldn’t trust anything under $50 a month for what you’re describing.

    I have been having good luck with Right now I have 8 sites with them and plan on building more.

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    Have a look at this Codex Article:

    I agree with macmanx I’ve used ASO for years on several sites

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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