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    I am trying to install WP by uploading it through a FTP client. I have followed these steps successfully I believe … however when I enter it takes me straight to me hosting holding page. I am very new to this, if anyone could help that would be great ….

    I have:

    set up the ftp program
    get ftp access info
    set up the MySQL database in the hosting
    enter the database into into the config file
    upload wordpress to server in web/content

    Further info:

    Using windows 7, filezilla
    Hosting – 123reg

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  • Your host likely gives you a dummy home page. Look for index.html, index.htm, home.html, home.htm, default.html or default.htm. And delete it.

    That should “reveal” WordPress’ index.php which is “hidden” behind your host’s dummy page.

    If that doesn’t work, please respond with your link/URL to your home page.



    Thanks for your reply ..

    I cant seem to find the dummy host page anywhere. The only files are the wordpress files that I have uploaded.

    the link to the site is

    Thanks for your help

    You may want to talk to your host’s Support folks at this point. My first wild guess is that you uploaded to the wrong folder, but it could also be an issue with the web hosting company not pointing your domain to the right folder.

    Not much more I can figure out from my web browser looking at your site.



    Ok I will have a chat with the hosting support on Monday. Thanks again for the help



    I am also fasing this error i uplode wp file couple of time when i click my site this error comes



    I’m also getting the same thing. Did you find a solution?

    All the best,




    Hi Tim,

    No solution yet, I am waiting for the Hosting company to open again tomorrow. I have a feeling it might be something to do with my domain name not pointing to my hosting package correctly or the ‘name servers’ not being correct.

    When I have a solution I will post here and let you know.




    Thanks James. I’m also searching, so I’ll report back too should I find something!!



    Hi Tim,

    I have been told the following by my hosting company:

    WordPress application is using php files which can’t be processed under a Windows Hosting environment, as it is the one attached to your domain.

    You need to switch the Hosting from a Windows one to Linux and then you can install WordPress using the steps from this support article (which will automatically create a database):

    Of you’ll be able to do this manually, as you’ve done it on the Windows Hosting.

    I didnt realise that I needed a linux hosting package, it looks like this is the problem but I will let you know if it works when I ring the help line tomorrow

    The statement “WordPress application is using php files which can’t be processed under a Windows Hosting environment, as it is the one attached to your domain.” should not be read “out of context”.

    It is possible to run WordPress on some Windows web hosts. It just depends on whether they’ve been set up to handle php files and other things that WordPress needs.

    All that said, I’ve always believed that you make your life easier if you stick with Linux hosting. And I’m running a Windows desktop and a Windows smartphone, but all my web hosting is Linux. My point: I don’t hate Windows.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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