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  • Greetings fellow WPers!

    I’ve been using godaddy now for over a year and before I go jumping off them, I’m looking for a solution. I have 3 hosted blogs on my godaddy account, each in it’s on MySQL 5.0 server. I do not get lots of traffic, yet all the site are slow- loading between 20-50 seconds. I have another blog I need to put and am considering switching.

    All three blogs are running 2.7. I have even tried some caching plugins; didn’t help.

    So what I’m asking is, how can you speed things up on godaddy? If not, where else is a BETTER hosting place besides godaddy.

    much appreciated for any feedback

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  • How much are you willing to spend each month for hosting?

    Let go daddy know, there may be heavy traffic on the shared server… You can asked top be moved to a lover traffic server.

    Consider reducing your page sizes before switching the server. I used Pingdom Tools ( and was able to reduce load times to half.

    Optimize your image sizes, scripts, css, etc. and maybe you can solve your problem.

    robdar and reanto_s gave some good suggestions. If you’re still having issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Be sure to include the domain name in the email so we can find your account.

    I too am having very slow performance. the site is more or less unusable at the moment. I have godaddy deluxe/shared hosting on linux with WP 2.7

    I’m using the plugin wp-ecommerce which is sending somewhere around 200-300 queries to the mysql DB(a bug on there end)

    however, this has killed the entire site!

    side note:
    I just added standard SSL… could that have effected it?


    Thanks for your email. We will be in touch.

    We also wanted to share our current limitations for MySQL:

    I have a very slow response too on GoDaddy, both the admin and public site, WordPress 2.7.

    I’ve sent email to support and are in contact, but not happy so far.

    Thinking of switching to MediaLayer, which we use for other sites and is fast.


    We want to help! We will need some information in order to investigate the issue. I sent you an email with the details.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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