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  • I do not recommend AN Hosting if you are outside the USA.

    They have an amusing anti-fraud procedure, presumably designed to protect them against charge-backs. They require you to request a phone call, or to fax them. Neither works. The support phone no. in their email is disconnected, the phone number given on the web works but just wasted 20 minutes of my time (at international rates) getting nowhere.

    So I am now trying to get my money back and find another host.

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  • I do not recommend AN Hosting even if you’re in the USA.

    I like if you want an opinion. Been with them for nearly a year now and while we’ve had some problems with boxes early on, Pat’s the type that doesn’t put up with crap like that and pesters the datacenter to fix the issue or lose her as a customer.

    I wish I’d read this before getting sucked into AN Hosting’s ridiculous sign-up process! I’m in Taiwan and yes, the telephone call confirmation didn’t work at all. Support lines put me on hold up to 20 minutes (international phone rates) and then hung up on me! E-mail support sent me a reply saying they were moving my “ticket” to another department and that I should wait a “short while.” They provided a name and phone number for me to call, and an hour later after no feed back I called the number and found it was DISCONNECTED.

    That’s when I decided to halt the whole process. If their sign-up process was so elusive, I couldn’t imagine dealing with them for a year after already paying for the service.

    So I sent an e-mail copied to billing, sales, and support at both and (it’s unclear who is actually behind it all) asking them to CANCEL MY ORDER and stop the billing process. They replied with form letters saying they were sorry to see me go and that my cancellation request would take a week to process. I replied saying I didn’t even have an account yet, just please HALT THE SIGN-UP PROCESS.

    Meanwhile, I signed up with in less than half an hour.

    This morning, Taiwan time, I get an e-mail from AN Hosting saying “New Order Received” and that I’m all signed up.

    Sheesh! Just wondering, almagest, have you gotten your refund yet?

    Also wondering, drmike, since you seem to have a lot insight into WP and also don’t like AN Hosting, why is AN Hosting one of the recommended web hosts on’s “Hosting” link?


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