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    I got an offer for a ‘semi-dedicated’ server and saw that the SQL query count per month is limited / metered. Since WP is based on a set of SQL server tables, I am wondering how many queries are actually executed to render a page. I do understand that there won’t be a hard number since it will depend on the active plug-ins and theme, number of posts, short-codes used, etc. However, to get a feel for the dimension of this number, what would be it for a plain new installation on the standard theme (2019) to load the Welcome page?
    I would be even happier to find a tool to evaluate this in a live installation.

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    Install the plugin “query monitor” to get an idea of the queries issued for various page loads.



    Thank you so much for the reference. This is a great help. Just an initial brief look pointed to one particular plugin being slow (which I suspected already). Just in general FYI the page load requests between 50 and 100 queries in the case of one of my clients’ websites. Extremely helppful.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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