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  • Hi,

    Please help.

    I am very new to WP and have struggled so far to get my basic WP up and running with Hostgator. Now I would like to upgrade to WP version 2.33 and add a new theme.

    I have no knowledge of how the HG cPanel works and have uploaded the WP version 233 and theme files into the file manager and unziped them. However I do not know what to do next to get them to appear on my blog. I’ve gone to “Presentation” and it still shows version 2.32 and says that I need to update.

    How in very simple steps do I get the files out of file manager and onto the blog? Sorry if I sound totally ignorant about this , but I am! ;>)

    I would greatly appreciate any help anyone is willing to give.

    Thank you so much,

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  • Hi,

    I still need help but have progressed some. ;>)

    Okay, now I have the new themes file (unzipped) uploaded into the wordpress/wp-content/themes folder on my cPanel at Hostgator.

    However when I go to the Presentation page at my WP blog the new theme is not showing up as an option.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help.

    First, do you have a decent FTP program? Here’s a link to one, but there are others.


    Then, first things first. Either upgrade WP or add your new theme, get that working, then tackle the next chore. Were you able to upgrade WP?

    If you have 2.3.2 working: download the 2.3.3 Zip file and unzip it. Find on these forums a list of the changed files from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 (there aren’t that many), and print the list.

    Point your FTP program’s local view (your computer) to the directory where you unzipped WP. Connect to Hostgator using the FTP program, and point your server view (Hostgator) to your public_html/wordpress folder (public_html is the root level that Hostgator normally uses). Position BOTH your local and server view to the appropriate WP directory, and one by one copy the files from your printed list. You’ll have to switch BOTH your local and server view a few times to be in the right directory.

    That should get you up to 2.3.3. Refresh your blog to be sure.

    If you can’t figure out the parameters for accessing Hostgator in your FTP program, post back and you might get lucky.

    Post back and we’ll tackle the theme.

    Try to provide a link to your site. Good luck.

    Hi Frisco,

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve gotten the blog updated to version 2.33 using the FileZilla as suggested.

    I have uploaded the new theme and it is the new themes file (unzipped) uploaded into the wordpress/wp-content/themes folder on my cPanel at Hostgator.

    However when I go to the Presentation page at my WP blog the new theme is not showing up as an option.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Here’s my URL:

    Thanks to anyone who can help me get a new theme to show up on my blog. ;>)


    Progress is always good. Let’s forget about cPanel for this problem, since you have FileZilla installed. There are some useful tools on cPanel, but there’s nothing you need there to solve this problem.

    I can’t give you a solution in the form of “do X, and it will work” because there a) it could be a # of things, and b) I don’t claim to be an expert myself. Here are some things to investigate.

    1. You say you uploaded your new theme into wordpress/wp-content/themes. So, using FileZilla, log on, and on your server side, point to that folder. public_html/ would be your top level folder, so you should be pointing to:


    In a typical WP installation, you’ll see 2 folders, classic and default. If you’ve put your theme in the right place, you should see a third folder, with something that suggests your theme. If you don’t see your theme folder there, it’s in the wrong place. Using FileZilla, you should be able to get it in the right place.

    2. Assuming it’s there, in FileZilla right click on your theme’s folder, and choose File attributes…. For me, the numeric value is set at 755, which allows Group and Public to read and execute, but not write to that folder. If you’re permissions are too strict, you might have problems using the theme.

    3. Back to the issue in #1. In FileZilla double click on your theme folder to look inside it. Typically, you should see your theme’s files here, such as index.php. You may have put your theme’s files into a folder within this folder. If you did that, you won’t see individual files here, and that might be the source of your problem.

    What is the theme (& web address of that theme?) you’re trying to get working?

    Where does ../blog fit into your folder structure?

    More than likely, your theme isn’t in the right folder or the permissions are too strict.

    Hi frisco,

    Thanks again for your help with this. I feel like an idiot when it comes to these files and the directory.

    I have looked and here is what’s in there:

    / wordpress / wp-content / themes / (Current Folder)
    Create New Folder
    Upload file(s)
    Up one level
    blue-earth-10 755
    classic 755
    default 755
    Create New File

    And in the “blue-earth-10” folder, which is the new theme I am tring to get to show up on the blog is the following contents:

    Click on a folder icon to navigate.
    Click on a name to view its properties.

    / wordpress / wp-content / themes / blue-earth-10 / (Current Folder)
    Create New Folder
    Upload file(s)
    Up one level
    img 755
    Create New File
    404.php 0 k 0644
    Readme.txt 0 k 0644
    archive.php 2 k 0644
    archives.php 0 k 0644
    comments-popup.php 4 k 0644
    comments.php 3 k 0644
    footer.php 0 k 0644
    functions.php 0 k 0644
    header.php 1 k 0644
    index.php 1 k 0644
    links.php 0 k 0644
    page.php 0 k 0644
    screenshot.png 35 k 0644
    search.php 1 k 0644
    searchform.php 0 k 0644
    sidebar.php 0 k 0644
    sidebar2.php 1 k 0644
    single.php 1 k 0644
    style.css 16 k 0644

    I am hoping that by providing this info you can tell me what I am doing wrong. From what you told me before it seems like ythe new “blue-earth” should be showing up on the WP Presentation Panel as a choice but it is not.

    Would you be good enough to comment on what you think I should try next?


    Judging from what you posted, I think you’d do better to avoid using cPanel for uploads, etc. Although cPanel can do this, a good FTP program like FileZilla is better for this task.

    If you look at what you posted, a number of files show up as 0k. I located and downloaded the theme you referred to from this address Blue Earth. For example, your sidebar.php is 0k; mine is 1k. Therefore, my next guess is that your download/upload is corrupt. Therefore, I recommend you:

    1) redownload the theme
    2) unzip it to a new location
    3) delete the theme from your server
    4) upload the newly downloaded/unzipped theme using FileZilla

    This recommendation is based on the assumption that you have not made any modifications to these theme files on your server that you don’t have backed up on your local PC. If that’s not the case, after step #2, simply copy this folder to your local PC before deleting it.

    If you were using FileZilla to check your theme’s folder, you could see the actual file sizes rather than the way cPanel reports them. If my guess proves correct, remember that glitches can occur in the download/unzip/upload process. Sometimes, if things don’t work out as expected, you may get back on track by just repeating these steps.

    Good luck. Let everyone know how it works out.

    Hi frisco,

    HostGator looked in my file directory and determined that

    “The folder blue-earth-10 needs to be inside the wp-content/themes folder. It was in the wp-content/ folder. I have moved it into the themes folder, and it should now show.”

    I did what you suggested and redownloaded and uploaded the theme so this may have helped also. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. I can not tell you how frustrating this was. I appreciate you suggestions and help.


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