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  • Hi

    I am looking in to buy NAS Synology DS212j.

    Is it possible to host my own WP websites on that?

    Synology says that it is possible to host up to 30 sites. So if anyone is doing this right now please tell me if it is worth that and if it is easy to setup.

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  • I don’t trust NASes for hosting things. Really these things– Network Attached Storage– are supposed to be appliances to replace file servers, but now seems like everyone is marketing them with all kinds of servers, installers, packages and other fluff. Because they are built as appliance file servers aimed at lower end markets they are cheaper than actual file servers, which is accomplished by means of, let’s say, lesser hardware and sometimes modified, possible crippled, operating systems. The spec for the DS212j, for example, include “CPU Frequency : 1.2GHz” and “Memory : DDR2 256MB”. My phone has almost as much CPU and 3 times the RAM.

    If this is going to be a public site, I’d say “no”. If it is a local server, it would probably work out ok, but I’ve never done it. I used to run a development server on comparable hardware.

    Honestly, I am not sold on NASes at all, so maybe I am biased. We bought one and I wanted to kill myself, and all I wanted was a file server. Nothing fancy.

    On the upside, my research does suggest that Synology is one of the best but I have no personal experience with them.

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