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  • I am looking for a host again.
    I want :
    1 GB web space.
    ssh access.
    2+ MySQL tables.
    all for less than 8 dollars a month. Is this possible even?
    What is the difference between Virtual Domains/Dedicated servers ?
    I have been with for the past year and I love their service, and I would love to get that in the future too, but they only offer 1 plan – 333 MB, and they don’t provide ssh access either.
    I have checked out lunarpages and ipowerweb. They have issues with granting ssh access.
    Any and all suggestions are welcome, and thanks in advance 🙂

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  • I saw this host the other day…
    …and, tbh, their pricing seems too good to be true. Caveat Emptor.
    I love my host and have no intention of leaving them…
    The pictures at the bottom of that post make me wonder what the heck is not being shown. <g>

    All of the request for $8/month are reasonable except SSH. My host provider Netfirms has several plans, the cheapest being $4.95 but not really worth it since it’s only 25mb of web space. The Netfirms Advantage business plan is $9.95 a month. A welcome suprise I only found out days ago is they increased the bandwidth/month by 5 times to 50GB! They also increased the storage to 1000 MB. 10 MySQL databases were already present. But, with all of this and more they do not offer SSH. I would be willing to bet you’re not going to find one for <= $8/month.
    Though I stand corrected. I quick 5 minute google search turned up HostColor. For “less than $8 a month” you get can a lot of things. Advertisements for this host say they offer SSH but looking at the actual package there is no mention whatsoever of SSH.

    Thanks for the lead. They are a “local” company for me, and they do not allow ssh access, and without it, I am a dead man 🙂 Good deal though.

    I’ll be interested in sharing your search results for such a hosting requirement at this price.
    From time to time, the fact that my (free) host could die pops in my mind, so I go googling for hosts. I’m also looking for 1GB or so and ssh access amongst other things, and when I see what I would have to pay for what I have today … I faint and pray for my actual host to live long 🙂

    CitadelHost has a 2GB / 30GB (per month)reseller plan for $12.99 and I am hearing good things about them.
    ServerPlace has a 1.8 GB plan for $10.95.
    p4Host has a 1GB plan for $8.99
    I have about one more week to make up my mind. I eliminated a few for bad reviews and stuff. P4host has a couple of bad reviews, Citadelhost is a one man show, or something similar, and serverplace is , well, an almost unknown quantity.
    I thought this might help you, ozh.
    I will post updates on my host hunt from time to time. 🙂

    – Recommended by (1st Page editor)
    SSH / Telnet Access -Yes
    Storage Space -1000 MB
    Data Transfer -100 Gb
    Mysql Database’s -Unlimited
    12 Month Fee (Free Setup) $8.95 /mo
    + 2 Free Months
    3 Month Fee (Free Setup) $9.95 /mo

    Have a look at AffordableHost. I’ve had a small and basically inactive site with them for about a year but I’ve been impressed with their attention to customer service. My main sites are with iVersit, and they’ve been good, too, but if I start a new site I’ll probably go with AffordableHost. It looks like they offer SSH with plans in your price range but with a small one-time SSH set-up fee. I don’t think iVersit has SSH in your price range.

    Thanks for the infos, I’m bookmarking this

    Thanks for the pointers, results of my research are below :
    Affordablehost : 1gb is not affordable 🙂
    Lypha : users have bad things to say at 🙁
    Gimme more !

    Stay away from lypha. Support doesn’t answer, my site was down often and the gave me a lame excuss about moving another site that was spamming. Run from them and never look back!

    Lilandra, is cheap, no make that terror-inducingly cheap. 1GB / 50MB for $3 a month? :O . I don’t want to risk everything, risking a little is fine, but $3? I am amazed! Just how did you find them!! Amazing.

    I just have one thing to say… I’m not that rich to buy cheap things… Think of it… I’ve prooved that “concept” many many many times allready…

    i know…v. cheap
    a friend of mine is hosted there..their special changes every now and again so she waits or waited for the good stuff…
    it wasn’t that “good” when i found them tho and then they only had one mysql database which i hadn’t realized at first so i ditched them 🙂
    but they were good and prompt on the customer service even for me who was cancelling service cuz i wanted more DB’s to play with!
    so haven’t you searched for the reviews yet? it is kinda scary!

    This is a post from another forum about the host I mentioned above:

    Re: Web host which allows multiple domain name hos
    SurpassHosting’s website says this,
    “Located in Orlando, FL, Surpass Hosting operates its own data center. More than 75% of all web hosting companies cannot say that!”
    Yet tracerouting their domain shows it to be hosted at
    And their DNS record is, um, incomplete with ‘NA’ used for the contact info and the state – which I believe is technically ‘illegal’
    Their Demo Cpanel login goes to an IP hosted with ‘’, which is hosted with NAC.
    Finally, their hosting plans are listed as ‘Surpass, Bronze, Silver, Plasma, Gold, and Platinum’.
    Considering the DNS and routing questions, I’m wary of this host. They have great bandwidth limits, but I think something is shadey. I’ll continue to use and recommend Rochen.,10172791~mode=flat

    I’m sorry for even mentioning the company.

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