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  • Hi,

    My company has its own server (running OSX Server 10.6.8) that currently has our WordPress site on it along with all our other files. It runs off our business internet connection. Our domain is registered, and renewed annually.

    We would like to find out the advantages/disadvantages of using a web hosting provider. I haven’t had much luck because search engines are convinced I’m looking for a vs. discussion, which this is not.

    1. No content or plug-in restrictions, etc.
    2. We already have the internet connection and the machine to do so. The website does not run slow, nor did past iterations done in Flash.
    3. Domain registration separate.

    The disadvantages:
    1. Lots of up-front time spent learning how to install and maintain everything (I am the only one who has learned to use the server software, do everything in terminal [MySQL databases, permissions, etc.]. He is ideally looking for a solution which anyone can easily maintain/ add content to the website.
    2. If any security issues occur, it compromises all the content on our server, not only our website.
    3. We do the backups / maintenance ourselves

    I’d appreciate any feedback on this. Thank you! 🙂

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  • For me, I’d recommend moving the site to a commercial hosting company. At least you can use a standard shared hosting account, and at most you can go for a full dediacted server or VPS to host the site if you want to keep things a bit more segregated. The main reasons that I’d recommend this are:

    • From my experience, no matter how good the internet connection to your office is, it will always go down sometime, leaving your site offline.
    • As you have mentioned, if someone manages to hack your WP installation, they can potentially have access to your entire server. Not a good scenario no matter how you look at it.
    • A commercial hosting company will normally use a good control panel like cPanel or Plesk so that there’s a lot of documentation out there on how to do things, how set ups work, etc.
    • Commercial hosting companies also offer support if customers get lost, so anyone else that takes over will always have osmewher to turn to ask for help if (when…) something goes wrong.
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