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  • I just switched hosts, and I followed the directions for restoring the database and all that. I did it right. My old posts come up, and are readable, but new posts showup BLANK (empty) I only post pictures, no words, so there is an <img src=””> but I have verified the images location by typing it into my browser, and all the other 100 or so posted images show up; I think the problem may be with different database versions. The header on the old database:
    — MySQL dump 9.11

    — Host: localhost Database: user_database
    — ——————————————————
    — Server version 4.0.25-standard

    and the new:

    — MySQL dump 10.9

    — Host: localhost Database: chrisfluur_test
    — ——————————————————
    — Server version 4.1.11

    Obviously the servers and MySQL versions are different, but that shouldn’t make a differernce, I don’t think. I hope somebody can see this and help me out, I’m totally lost.

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