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  • Their claim, premium support. Support tickets will be addressed within 48 hours.

    The truth. After 80 hours waiting I contacted the only email I could find, their marketing department. Their whole company is on an extended vacation and will respond in four days when they return. Oh, and their solution when a ticket is ignored, submit a ticket about it.

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  • Plugin Support Janilyn T


    Hi @tfunltd ,

    We’re sorry for keeping you waiting. Our forum received your ticket when we are already off for our vacation on 31 Aug 2022 (UTC +7) so we were not able to respond anymore. We have also enabled an automated response to let users know that we’re going to go on a long vacation. You might have overlooked that.

    I have contacted our Marketing Department and they have already explained to you that normally, tickets take about 24-48 hours to reach our support agent to be processed as we are receiving too many tickets everyday. All of these pieces of information have been stated in our auto-response.

    They have already reminded that we were not available until 5th September 2022 as well, but you required us to respond asap. We’re sorry that we can’t as we’re not providing one-on-one customer service.

    We process tickets based on the submission time. All tickets must be put in the pending line and processed in order. Once a ticket is assigned to another member in our team, the support agent cannot read it anymore. Only the assignee and the user can read the information inside that ticket so that’s why we always remind users to submit a new ticket to ask for the progress and have our support agent urge the developers. We’re not trying to cause any further inconvenience to users, it’s simply a process proposed by our company to make things work on Ticksy.

    Moreover, our Premium customization service is provided for FREE to users, which means you don’t have to pay for the service. We will work to make sure our plugins work properly with third-party plugins or themes for free as long as you’re a Premium user of our plugin. The license you purchased is for the Premium features, not for the services entailed. Our support is a promised service, not included in the price.

    Hopefully, we can continue our support session on Ticksy and fix your issue faster. You can kindly check on the progress on your ticket and provide the requested information for our developers.

    Best regards.

    Thread Starter tfunltd


    That all sounds just wonderful, if it wasn’t lies.

    First, there was no automated response. There was no response of any kind to my ticket in your forums and I have checked all of the spam folders of all of my email addresses, no ticket confirmations or automated responses.

    Second, I submitted my ticket on the 30th. And still no confirmation or automated responses.

    Third, support responded to other tickets, submitted after my ticket, while all of your support staff was supposedly on an absurdly extended vacation. Offer premium support and then have no support of any kind for a week? How ridiculous is that?

    And finally, ‘free customization’ is a poor alternative to a quality product. Customization requires additional maintenance because the customization can be broken with future updates. Modern woocommerce sites need to run quickly. The more snippets and superfluous code causes slow downs. And when I buy a plug-in for multiple sites, I then have to maintain that customization for each site I run. Your lazy programming becomes more work for me. That’s not what I pay for.

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