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  • How did this abomination ever graduate from beta to prime time??? Simply put… it sucks BDD! No one likes it… everyone is screaming about it… so, move on!!! The only proof you need is that the #1 trending plugin simply reverts Gooberberg to the previous editor! Wanna make a REAL GUI block editor? Shoulda checked out the successful ones first… Elementor comes to mind first. #ShamefulWP #PhotoMatt

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  • Hi kelleychambers

    Simply because a lot of people around the world are working hard on making Gutenberg better with each release.
    I recently did a redesign from my website where I used a page builder before. Now I am using 100% of Gutenberg and I love it. In my opinion, the design looks pretty neat as well.

    The GUI of Gutenberg is nice in my opinion. It makes it very easy to edit content, don’t you think?
    What exactly is horrific about it in your opinion and what do you need help with?

    Thanks and have a great day

    I like Gutenberg a lot. Not only is it simple to use it’s a lot faster than trying to use the native content editor in the flatsome theme I use for sites. The flatsome authors followed the release of Gutenberg and prepared the theme for the first Gutenberg release, so it works seamlessly in the theme. I still use the them for all page building but use Gutenberg to write content and enjoy it.

    Yes, I had a learning curve where at times I said “What the $%^$# is going on with this stupid thing?” or “Dang, how the heck to I insert a _____ it the fricken post?”.

    I went to youtube and searched for “gutenberg tutorial” and watched a few of them and then was able to say “Oh, that’s what’s going on.” and “Oh, that’s how I insert that.” and have never looked back. Gutenberg is the future of WordPress and I’m happy about that the way it’s been working so far.

    Yes, I’ve been burned a couple of times by whole sections of a post vanishing while I’m editing it for unknown reasons. So until the bugs are worked out I now keep notepad opened on my desktop and when I’ve finished a section of a post and the preview looks good, I switch to [Document > Code View] and copy and paste the HTML into notepad for safe keeping… “just in case”. This has save me rework a couple of times, but not very often.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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