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  • Vidyut


    This plugin has terrible reviews, and now WordPress v5 has this as the default editor. WordPress apparently no longer cares about what users want. For someone who has been using WordPress since before v2, this is a sad indication of the end of the road for me. I have many sites running WordPress, but I don’t think I’ll use WordPress for new ones. Sad, because it has been half a decade since I even bothered to look at another CMS and now I am ONLY looking at other CMS options.

    It isn’t so much about problems. I’ve survived all kinds of things with WordPress. Plugin compatibility used to be a nightmare. White screens could come out of the blue any time. FTP uploading was a routine thing. Truly bizarre and inexplicable things and unpredictable results could happen before the current stable standards were the norm, BUT none of this was intentional. I stayed loyal. All my sites run WordPress right now. But not in the future. When something the community reviews as two stars is made the default, time to accept what we want isn’t a goal anymore and sooner or later, the beloved feature will be a liability.

    Writing posts is an important part of any site with regularly updated content and while I can use a plugin to revert the editor for now, it is just kicking the can down the road if default functionality is simply not what I need.

    One really has to wonder exactly WHO it is that wanted this editor used at any cost regardless of the terrible reviews.

    ONLY good thing about it is reusable blocks – and plugins did that before too.

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  • designsimply


    I care about what users want.

    A lot of people do want this editor, and they are committed to making it work better for everyone in the long term.

    You mentioned that the default functionality of the editor is simply not what you need, do you mind if I ask a specific example? I’m hoping to log a bit more detail about reviews like this one which mention not liking the update but without saying specifically why.



    DO you mind if i enter the discussion?
    I see a lot of potential and i am ready to trade SOME time for a better technology.
    but here there was a change in the editor (you have to get used to block and everything) and in everything around it: The permalink position, the title, the permalink editing process, saving and a lot of other stuff…

    So it s not only more consuming in inserting a text (which, again, I can understand and I support for the sake of progress) but everything around it is so confusing.. useless and consuming.
    so people get frustrated and confused.
    Will we get used to it? yes but I think the jump was too long, too early

    ps I ve been an user since version 1.2.something so I ve seen a lot of changes… and I second what @vidyut said.

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