• I have altered my original complaint because the company has sent a new file. i bought the pro version, which does not work because of “timthumb” scripts. I had to search forums to find out how to contact them, because their contact form requires that you hand over all your site info and passwords.I find it frustrating that i had to ask several times, and then they want access to your files for a fix. i’m sure it would be fine, but Im obviously corresponding with someone on the other side of the world (emails are dated with tomorrow’s date), so I just can’t hand over access to an unknown element. Really too bad, the plug-in did all that I wanted but I am using something else.

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    In our conversation you said that you “work at a university, so it’s possible our server is blocking this” but in this forum you said we didn’t send the download link?

    I ask you to provide alternate email because I tried to find a solution for this. I am afraid your primary email block all external links and attachment.

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